Holly Homemaker, Meet Your Match! (Part 1)

Holly Homemaker, Meet Your Match! (Part 1)
Holly Homemaker, Meet Your Match! (Part 1)

Five days and counting…until my mat leave ends!! How can a year go by so fast?? It feels like just yesterday that I was stocking the freezer before our little bundle of joy arrived and now here I am, stocking the freezer, so I’m prepared to go back to all those little “bundles of joy” at school! Creating this blog has inspired me to cook (more than I have in my entire lifetime!) and the impending doom of my first day back at work, has “forced” me, okay I “forced” it upon myself, (there has to be some kind of OCD involved in all this!) to stock up the freezer as if the world were about to end! Has any other mother gone through this??

Well, here’s what I’ve been up to in a nutshell…I hope it inspires you, or at least proves the fact that ALL THIS can be done by one person! 😉

Day 1- Monday, February 27th

Mashed steamed salmon, burger prep, and tomato sauce simmering on the stove.

Hamburgers ready for the freezer, today’s lunch-meatballs (ready for the oven and to be smothered with tomato sauce), “go-to” foods; cooked chicken and hummus, ready to be frozen and thawed for last-minute meals.

Yummy tomato sauce simmering (for hours) and brown rice with cinnamon and cumin boiling. Half the rice will be mixed with chicken, the other half with salmon-all going in tupperware to be frozen. (I’ll apologize to my son one day for the fact that he might be eating the same meals for a week!!)

Cooked meatballs, hummus to snack on, chicken filets for dinner, and chopped chicken in tupperware, still waiting on the rice…

Dishes desperate to be washed before everything sticks to them! Note: This was the first of 5 times that I washed the dishes!

Day 2- Tuesday, February 28th

Lasagna prep (with yesterday’s leftover tomato sauce)

How many meals will this make???

A week’s worth (or less, depending on if I snack on them!) of gluten-free breakfast cookies. Yes, they are a little “crispy”-I forgot they were in the oven!

Lasagna ready for the freezer, leftover ground beef (which didn’t make the cut for the burgers or meatballs) sauteed, in baby cubes, and ready for the freezer. My son’s lunch-mashed potatoes with ground beef  (or let’s say “shepherd’s pie”-sounds more appealing!) 😉

Apple, date and yogurt puree (coming soon to my recipes page!)

And I almost forget (actually, I forgot to take a picture!)…chili for tonight’s dinner and my son’s lunch tomorrow.

Believe it or not, I was also going to make lentil soup and herbed focaccia…I guess it was a blessing in disguise that I we didn’t have any lentils or yeast!
I think I’ll take a break tomorrow… 😉


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