Welcome to my Kitchen!

A little bit about me…

Here’s my story in an nutshell; in my early 20’s I was bitten by the travel bug and over a span of 10 years I lived in France, England, and Italy (Nice, London, and Sardinia, to be exact.). My home-away-from-homes were catalysts for my insatiable wanderlust. Over the course of those 10 years, I traveled to over 80 cities around the world. My travels took me full circle around the globe and back again as I returned to southern Ontario with my Sardinian husband. Since then we’ve had two children-my charismatic son and my sweet daughter, who both share my love of food. During the year we live in southern Ontario and for two months every summer we spend our days lounging on the majestic beaches of the Costa Smeralda, soaking up the culture (and food!) of Sardinia, Italy.

What is Bites for Foodies?

Bites for Foodies wasn’t always Bites for Foodies. In fact, my blogging adventure started with Bites for Babies, a Blog dedicated to all things food, in particular baby food. Quite frankly, when I started this Blog I assumed it would simply be an outlet for me to keep track of our favourite family recipes and a portal for me to share them with my readers.

Fast forward four years. What was once a simple baby food Blog has now evolved into a lifestyle Blog. I’m pretty confident that here you will be inspired to whip up some new clean eating recipes, learn some worthwhile time and money-saving tips and discover and learn how to practice mindfulness.

I’m looking forward to you joining me on my culinary and travel journey. Thanks for stopping by, and I do hope you stick around!

In good health,


53 thoughts on “Welcome to my Kitchen!”

  • after reading your post my mood really became happy,thank u for such a great post

  • Wow, that’s really great

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  • Hey Lisa!

    I just published a giant article on http://mymomsbest.us here: http://mymomsbest.us/detailed-list-parenting-websites-blogs/

    Gave you a shoutout 🙂

    Your articles on http://www.bitesforfoodies.com really helped me to gain perspective.

    Obviously, if you shared this article, it would mean the world to me. But, really, I’m just a new blogger in your industry, and just wanted to say HELLO

    Megan Ann, MBA

    • Hi Megan! Thanks so much for the shout-out and the kind words. I shared on my Facebook page! Hope you visit again, or perhaps we could chat about a possible collaboration in the future 😉

  • NewMom 9 years ago

    This is solo awesome! My baby is 11 months old and I’m just looking for ideas on what to give him. So far I’m giving him the same =( (sweet potato, apples, bananas, carrots, peas, green beans, pear, peaches, egg yolks, butternut squash) and that’s about it!!!
    I need inspiration and I love your ideas but, when do yo have time to cook all these ???

    • I spend a lot of time in the kitchen! lol! It’s just part of my daily routine…I almost always prepare two meals at once or prep something for the following day while I’m cooking a meal (i.e., quinoa, rice, etc) so half the meal is prepared. It takes a lot of planning and organization but it comes naturally to me now. A lot of the recipes are actually impromptu. My suggestion is, don’t be afraid to mix flavours and ingredients because sometimes those are the recipes that turn out the best! Thanks for stopping by…hope to hear more feedback on which recipes you try 😉

  • Congratulations on your blog! You are so lucky that you got to travel so much in your 20’s. I’m sure you picked up a lot of great food recipes along the way. Looking forward to reading your blog.

  • Love that you’re a traveler. I need to get my frequent flyer miles out of my system before I settle down. Thanks.

  • Penny @ pennyspassion.blogspot 9 years ago

    Wow — so cool you got to travel to all those places! Good luck with your sharing Bites for Babies.

    • Thanks! I traveled for over 8 years and lived in 3 different countries…I can’t ever say I didn’t do enough before settling down and having kids! 😉

  • i love your story! 🙂 we’ve been bitten by the travel bug and haven’t decided to settle down anywhere yet.. but we are probably going to have kids at some point and hopefully before our 40s. 😀 we already get into recipe ruts and stick to really easy and quick meals, and i’m enjoying following along on your culinary journey so far. 🙂

    • I was fortunate enough to be able to travel while I was young (between 22-32 years old). Had I not met my husband I probably would have still been gallivanting around the world right now, lol! You might love my posts from Italy…I go every summer! 😉

      • we love italy. so far we’ve only been twice, but we hope to go back more regularly. 🙂 will be checking it out! are there food recommendations?

        • EVERYTHING, lol! We spend out summers in Sardinia and the food is amazing there…very different than in other parts of Italy (but then again all the regions have unique dishes!).

  • Alyssa C 9 years ago

    Okay, I definitely want to travel as much as you! I’ve only been to Florida.. haha

  • I’m so jealous of all of your travels! I want to go to Europe so bad!

  • Manu Kalia 9 years ago

    Looks like a great blog. Please keep us posting. My wife loves cooking and new recipes. I will be sharing this one.

  • mail4rosey 9 years ago

    It’s nice to learn a bit more about you and your family. And hurrah for all that travel while you’re still so young to enjoy it!! We have the travel bug in our family too, but have not been so lucky to have done it so extensively as you. I bet your photo albums are full and happy. 🙂

    • I feel truly blessed that I traveled as much as I did (I also made the conscious choice to do so while I was young!). I am also lucky enough that I get to visit Sardinia every summer…watch for (or check out previously posted) Blog posts from there…it’s stunning!!!

  • Christine Tolhurst 9 years ago

    Very cute blog name and good posts! Makes me wish I had little ones all over again.

  • Jennifer Juro 9 years ago

    I love cooking with my kids!! It’s always fun to find new recipes to make with them. I wish I had made baby food for them when they were babies.

  • Love your blog! I’m pregnant with my second baby and can’t to try some new recipes later on.

  • sharon 9 years ago

    Will have to keep an eye on your recipes. I love learning to make new things.

  • April Mims 9 years ago

    Looking forward to browsing your recipes. I’ve gotten pretty experimental in the kitchen over the last couple of years and have really enjoyed creating real food recipes and eating healthy.

  • CourtneyLynne Storms 9 years ago

    Ahhhhhhim a wannabe chef so cooking bloggers are my favorite to “stalk” on the Internet!!look forward to seeing what you can cook up 😉

  • Jeanine @ sixtimemommy.com 9 years ago

    I love the name! It’s unique and super cute. Also love learning about those behind my fave blogs! I am always on the hunt for new recipes so I’ll be watching!

  • I so want that travel bug with a bag of money one day so i can travel to as many countries as i possibly can. Love the blog name very catchy

  • Michelle F. 9 years ago

    I love the name of your blog! I will checking out the recipes for my toddler.

  • Wow, that’s really great. I shall be back to see some of your recipes I hope you will share. Have a wonderful day & that’s sure is a cute photo of your family.

  • Just discovered your blog! I have a baby blog that focuses on everything baby but love that you focus strictly on food. I have a pretty picky eater so I’ll definitely be coming here for inspiration!

    Kim @ Life is a Lullaby (http://www.lifeisalullaby.com)

  • Lynn Dee 9 years ago

    Hi Lisa! Thank you for stopping by our blog (http://www.meandjarhead.com) and taking the time to comment. We really appreciate it. We love seafood and your seafood recipes look delish. We’ll try them out one of these days. (“,)

  • Mamma Jones 9 years ago

    great to connect with you , lovely blog 🙂

  • Cindy 9 years ago

    These recipes really look amazing, can’t wait to try out. Thanks!

    • Lisa @bitesforbabies 9 years ago

      Thanks so much Cindy! I hope to inspire you with my recipes 😉

  • Lisa @bitesforbabies 10 years ago

    Thanks! I’ve been stopping by your Blog as well 😉

  • Bintu @ Recipes From A Pantry 10 years ago

    Nice to meet you Lisa.

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