Introducing First Foods To Baby

Introducing First Foods To Baby
Introducing First Foods To Baby

In my opinion, the stress of introducing first foods to baby is highly underrated. When I had my first child I was bombarded with information and suggestions on sleep training, but in retrospect, I don’t recall getting a clearly painted picture of how to introduce solid foods to baby. I followed my doctor’s recommendations along with other mom’s suggestions. In the end, I followed my instincts and chose the method that just felt right.

The Mediterranean diet for babies is the approach I’ve chosen to use with my children. After implementing this food-introducing method with my son while in Italy I knew that I would follow the same approach for my second child. My son was so keen on starting solids very early on, but my daughter on the other hand has shown less interest. This is our first week of starting solids, and the menu – even though it was varied and yummy, wasn’t as well-received as I had wanted!

Day 1 – Avocado with cinnamon
Safe to say she wasn’t much of a fan!


And….we’ve had enough!


Day 2 – Avocado
Looks like she recognizes her snack!


Day 3 – Avocado & banana
My daughter devoured this!  I prepared the same mid-morning snack for my son, but added some agave nectar and carob powder.


Day 4 – Banana 
Bananas are always a hit! I added just a touch of cinnamon as well.

Day 5 – Carrot & apple purée
She ate it, albeit most of it ended up on her face.


Day 6 – Carrot & apple purée
Another hit! You can get the recipe HERE


Someone’s finally getting the hang of it!


Day 7 – Sweet potato apple mash
Some entertainment before snack is served. She loved this one too! Get the recipe HERE.



Which approach did you use to introduce solids? Which foods did you start with?

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  • monica 10 years ago

    Oh my goodness! I haven’t seen photos of the kiddos in a while! They are adorable and lucky to have such a great mama. So excited about your new business!

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