Ancient Grains Einkorn Flour Review & Giveaway

Ancient Grains Einkorn Flour Review & Giveaway
Ancient Grains Einkorn Flour Review & Giveaway

All opinions expressed in this post are my own. provided me with samples in order to facilitate this review.

Summer vacations in Sardinia always bring us back to our roots, one of which is the appreciation for food. Albeit I love Italian food, I unfortunately have to avoid grains due to a mild gluten-intolerance. Avoid crusty bread, pasta, and pizza in Italy? Practically impossible. On a positive note, whenever I consume grains while in Italy I’ve noticed that the side effects from gluten are not as significant as they are when I consume the same foods in North America. I discovered that the quality of flour Italians use is key, and healthier grains such as Einkorn flour are readily available in local markets.

What is Einkorn?
Einkorn flour, known in Italy as farro piccolo, is one of the most primitive and ancient forms of wheat, and is far more nutritious than modern day wheat. Since milled einkorn grains are much smaller than modern wheat grains they are more easily absorbed into the body. Einkorn flour has also been found to lack some of the proteins that people with gluten intolerances can’t manage to digest, which makes it an ideal option for those with gluten sensitivities

A few years ago a friend introduced to Einkorn flour – and I loved it. Since Einkorn wheat has a low yield and is difficult to find in local grocery stores, my love affair with it was short-lived and ended there. It wasn’t until a few months ago that I rediscovered it with prides itself in restoring precious ancient grains that come from around the world and bringing them to your dinner table. Not only do they produce high quality einkorn four, they also boast a a variety of other nutritious grains such as spelt, amaranth, quinoa, and hemp hearts. My friends at provided me with two 5 lbs. bags of their Ancient Grains flour to facilitate this review, and I can say that I’m already planning a pizza party with the remaining unused flour!

The verdict:  For this review, I prepared malloreddus, small, dumpling-like Sardinian gnocchi. Firstly, einkorn flour has a slightly nutty flavour which resulted in tastier and more flavourful gnocchi. Secondly, it was much softer and more malleable than white flour, which made working with the dough much easier and resulted in lighter and fluffier gnocchi. In terms of my gluten sensitivity, I noticed that the morning-after side effects (i.e., sinus congestion, headache, foggy-brain, etc.) were much less significant than when I consume all-purpose flour. For all of these reasons, I highly recommend this product to those with mild gluten sensitivities, or anyone simply interested in trying a high quality, product, free from genetically modified ingredients.

On that note, my friends at are giving away one 5 lb. bag of their einkorn flour to one lucky Bites for Foodies’ follower. To enter, simply comment below!

Sardinian Gnocchi + Ancient Grains Einkorn Flour Review & Giveaway

*This giveaway is open to Canadian and US residents and will run for one week. It will close at 11:59pm EST on May 16th, 2017.

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