Baby Bites: Adult-Inspired Recipes For Baby And The Family

Baby Bites: A Baby Food Cookbook For Baby And The Family

Baby Bites is the quintessential baby food cookbook for parents who value their children’s health and want to prepare nutritious and palate-pleasing food for their little ones, as well as for those who want to learn unique recipes that will entice the entire family at meal time.

From first foods to toddler bites, these adult-inspired recipes will have children of all ages truly enjoying meal time and encourage them to develop more adventurous palates.

Inside you’ll get 50 healthy recipes, 50 helpful storage and cooking tips, and a list of pantry essentials to ensure your kitchen is well-stocked before you start cooking. As a bonus, each recipe includes quick tips, serving suggestions, as well as easy modifications which render the recipes more toddler or adult-friendly.


58 thoughts on “Baby Bites: Adult-Inspired Recipes For Baby And The Family”

  • You do have an eBook. 🙂 How’s it going? What platform did you use?

  • Nichole 10 years ago

    This sounds like a great book to have on hand. I am always on the hunt for good nutritious recipes to have on hand. I will have to check this book out more.

  • Angela Christoper 10 years ago

    That’s great to all new moms. Great tips and yummy recipe! thanks for sharing!

  • Lynn Dee 10 years ago

    That is great! I always try my best to prepare healthy foods although I must admit, sometimes I fail. 🙂 Also, our son can be really picky. Looks like that is the book that I need.

    • It’s worth a try! It’s actually on sale right now too on the iBooks store!

    • Kudos to you! My son has had his moments too! It’s so frustrating when you KNOW that something tastes good (I understand not with veggies) and they won’t eat it?!!! My son will eat one thing one day, and then ‘hate’ it the next! And the worst thing is, he’s teaching this behaviour to my 2 year old daughter!!

  • Courtney 10 years ago

    I love this!!! I tried to do the whole homemade baby food thing as much as I could when my princess was a baby!! Keep her away from GMO & pesticides as much as I could

    • I think it’s a great way to start them off with solids! Making your own is so much better (and tastier) then store bought because you can add a variety of herbs and spices to the food!

  • I think it’s a great idea to give our babies homemade food whenever possible. It saves us from all the nasty things that can be put in their foods.

    • Isn’t it so scary to think that we really don’t know what’s in the food we buy?! Sometimes, I don’t even trust organic…it seems that you hear something new (usually negative) about the food we eat every day ;-(

  • I loved making home made baby food for my little guy. This sounds like such a great book with all the tips. Thanks for sharing.

  • Debi@The Spring Mount 6 Pack 10 years ago

    That is such a good idea to feed your babies all natural foods that you prepare. I wish i would have done this with my boy’s

    • I love cooking so there wasn’t another option for me! I can see though how busy moms (who don’t enjoy cooking) would want to prepare their own baby food!

  • Cherri Littleton Megasko 10 years ago

    What a great idea! Feeding a baby is so much different now than it was back when I had kids. Back then we didn’t know about GMOs or the “dirty dozen”. We didn’t have organic choices unless we grew them ourselves, and no one had ever heard of BPA!

    • I agree, it’s kind of scary nowadays! At the same time, making baby food doesn’t necessarily mean 100% healthy-you have to be really picky about which ingredients you use 😉

  • Chrystal M. 10 years ago

    I have a really good friend who made all her own baby food. It wasn’t so bad once she got into the routine.

    • It really isn’t…I actually didn’t make ‘baby food’, instead I made ‘our’ food then pureed it or mashed it for my kids (and added any extra spices, salt, etc to our portions). It was SO easy and took the stress off of having to preparing separate meals for baby!

  • Sounds like a great cookbook for mama’s I will check it out and maybe gift my SIL

  • mail4rosey 10 years ago

    50 recipes is a great number to choose from… I think this sounds like a great cookbook to pick up for baby.

  • Sounds like a great book especially those who just started their parenthood!

  • Sounds like a great book for new parents. I’ll definitely have to pick this up when I have kids!

  • Jennifer Juro 10 years ago

    This would have been amazing for when my kids were younger. I never made my own baby food but have had several friends who did successfully

  • This would have been so useful when my kids were little. I would have liked making more baby food myself.

  • Terry My Journey With Candida 10 years ago

    My Grandkids get homemade baby food quite often. I bet the parents would love this book.

  • This is soo smart!! I’ve never seen one of these before! I’m for sure passing this along to those who have kids and will be keeping this for myself when I eventually have one!

  • Kung Phoo 10 years ago

    I will pass this onto a friend who just had a baby and will be feeding sooner then he thinks.. lol

  • Robin Rue 10 years ago

    That sounds great. I never made baby food for my kids, but I think it’s cool when moms do. I was just happy with the stuff that came in the jars 🙂

    • I think it really depends on whether or not you enjoy cooking, which I do! I also think it’s great that there are a ton of organic, healthier brands of jarred baby food that moms can buy nowadays!

  • Mary Apolloni 10 years ago

    Congratulations Lisa!! The recipes look absolutely amazing and the pictures prove that!!! I love that your recipes are so healthy and delicious all in one 🙂

    • Lisa @bitesforbabies 10 years ago

      Thank you! I hope it inspires you to get in the kitchen and start cooking asap! 😉

  • This is amazing Lisa! I am so thrilled for you. I’ll definitely share it with my friends and family. 🙂 Good luck.

  • Brooke Seaton Watorek 10 years ago

    What an amazing cookbook! Who says that baby food needs to be bland and boring? Not Bites for Babies, that’s for sure!!! I LOVE the recipes and photos to go with each. Also your tips for substituting for healthier options is great for my entire family. Thank you so much!

    • Lisa @bitesforbabies 10 years ago

      I’m so glad you love it…I can’t wait to hear the feedback once you start trying the recipes 😉

  • Terri Lynn Grothe 10 years ago

    THis looks like a great recipe book, so happy for you

  • Heather G. 10 years ago

    FINALLY!!!! I LOVE LOVE your recipes and its so important to get kids eating non-packaged food (and I love that you show how easy it is to feed your family real food). Time for me to go get cooking!

    • Lisa @bitesforbabies 10 years ago

      Thanks Heather…it’s really not that hard to prepare healthy meals however, it can be time-consuming. For me, it’s all worth it!!

  • Victoria 10 years ago

    Where can I purchase this book?! I have looked on several websites prior to venturing out in the cold, but no luck!

    • Lisa @bitesforbabies 10 years ago

      You can purchase it online…right here! Just go to the top of the page (on the right side) and click on “Buy PDF ebook”. It’s as easy as that! For now, only the PDF version is available but we will soon have an iBooks version which can be purchased through the iTunes store and Amazon! 😉

  • Sharon 10 years ago

    Everyone needs to GO BUY THIS!!! The first 9 pages are worth it alone..and they don’t even have recipes on them. Great resource for my kitchen. Thanks for inspiring me since my daughter was born!!

    • Lisa @bitesforbabies 10 years ago

      Thanks so much Sharon!! It’s so very flattering and inspiring to receive such positive feedback!

  • Jen Lunau Dinchik 10 years ago

    Awesome cook book! My boys 4.5 and 16mo love Lisa’s recipes! I’m a customer for baby food for my youngest and I always eat the leftovers. Yum! Great ideas, and great food! Good job Lisa!!

    • Lisa @bitesforbabies 10 years ago

      Thanks Jen…I eat my kids’ leftovers too! It’s important for people to know that the cookbook is not just about baby food but “adult-friendly” as well!

  • Awesome! I really want to buy a few. One for myself and some as gifts/giveaways!

    • Lisa @bitesforbabies 10 years ago

      Great! By the way, I love the idea of a giveaway…maybe a future post?

  • Liz Graham 10 years ago

    Woo hoo! It’s arrived! So looking forward to checking it out!

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