Holly Homemaker, Meet Your Match! (Part 2)

Holly Homemaker, Meet Your Match! (Part 2)

Day 3– Wednesday, February 29th

Well, I said I was going to take a break from cooking today and I did. Instead, I spent some time preparing lessons…(cooking is much more fun)

I know I said I wasn’t going to cook-but I HAD to cook dinner! Nothing too extraordinary, just a simple frittata-which I’ve finally mastered thanks to my mother-in-law’s secret trick (in her town in Italy they sometimes make frittatas at Easter with over 40 eggs!!). Only 8 eggs in this one…


And dinner is served!

Day 4-Thursday, March 1st

Let the cooking begin!
Herbed focaccia with thyme, rosemary, and oregano.

Rosemary and olive focaccia

Lentil soup for the family-all going in the freezer (that’s if there’s any room left in it!).


I was craving something sweet and decadent with my afternoon tea…I adapted this recipe from the blog “Chocolate Covered Katie” and my husband actually said that these treats (which I call, “heaven in a bite!”) ALMOST taste like Ferraro Rocher! That was good enough of a compliment for me, considering he is an expert in chocolate as he grew up in Italy on Nutella, Lindt chocolate, and Ferraro Rocher.

(Ok, I’m a bit selfish-those two are for my husband, the rest are mine! 😉


I also HAD to make dinner so I thawed some chicken burgers and made oven roasted brussel sprouts (covered in parmesan!).

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