Grated Fruit: The New Way To Serve Fruits To Baby

Grated Fruit: The New Way To Serve Fruits To Baby
Grated Fruit: The New Way To Serve Fruits To Baby

Forget chopping, boiling, and pureeing fresh fruits! The paediatrician I went to in Italy (check out post “When in Rome Do as the Romans Do” for more info) recommended that I mash or grate fresh organic fruits as my son’s first foods-please tell me I’m not the only one who didn’t think of this?!! Of course, I heard this breaking news after spending days and days picking apples in the backyard…

(Yes, that’s my in-laws backyard…well, part of it!)

…peeling and coring more apples than one should in a lifetime, and then standing over the old school gas stove boiling apples into the wee hours-I didn’t have much time during the day to do this as we usually spent it by the beach.

(Take a look at that! And only 10 minutes from home!)

Needless to say (although I was annoyed for not having come up with this option myself) I need to thank that pediatrician for saving me a lot of time (and possibly carpal tunnel syndrome in the future!!)

Anyway, try one of these fruit and spice combos (or make up your own!) Mix with greek yogurt, cottage cheese, or ricotta. Make it even healthier by adding some ground flax or wheat germ.

apple and cinnamon
pear and cloves
apricot and vanilla bean
plum and nutmeg
mango and ginger

Assembly line…not much to it!

Grate, sco0p, stir, and voila! Morning snack in minutes (sans wrist pain!)

*TIP: Some fruits, such as plums and peaches get very watery when grated. Once baby has enough teeth to nibble you can just cut them into bite-sized pieces and coat them with baby cereal so they don’t slip out of baby’s fingers (and end up all over them or on the floor!).

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