Out With The Old (Baby Food), In With The New!

Out With The Old (Baby Food), In With The New!
Out With The Old (Baby Food), In With The New!

I spent most of my March Break preparing lessons for school, cleaning the house (which was looking pretty rough!) and spending time with my son. Needless to say (strangely enough) I was NOT in the mood for cooking. It’s safe to say that the bout of “Holly Homemaker, Meet Your Match” was enough to last me for a while…and to have enough baby food stored in the freezer to last for a while (just in case the world came to an end).

The day after March Break started I searched the freezer for frozen dinners lunches that needed to be consumed (and replaced with new ones). To my dismay, and to my son’s disregard, he had “frozen” (throw anything together) meals ALL week, except for his surprise pasta carbonara mid-week! So, here is a “lazy” mom’s week of frozen lunches “entrees” (Stouffer, eat your heart out! 😉

On a side note, if you haven’t checked out my blog post “Bye-Bye, Bottomless Pit!” for cooking and storage tips, I hope THIS post will encourage you to have a look-it’s all about prep!!

Lentils with veggies

Flaked salmon steak with lentils and olive tapenade

Ratatouille with ground chicken

Baby Carbonara with Prosciutto

Pureed swiss chard with steamed cod (I know,?????)
I’ll admit that even I was a little apprehensive about this combo, but I figured it was worth a try. (I had a back-up meal in the fridge…just in case!)

And…he likes it! This picture is proof, but I have to wonder…is there anything this kid won’t eat?! (I think the Sardinian bib is a perfect representation as to where he gets his appetite!!)

Barley with ground turkey and steamed broccoli (smothered with Parmesan cheese!)

Ground turkey with veggies and melted Laughing Cow cheese

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