Holly Homemaker, Meet Your Match! (Part 3)

Holly Homemaker, Meet Your Match! (Part 3)

Day 5 – Friday, March 2nd

I managed to get a lot of lesson plans done as I’m trying to get ahead of myself, if possible. This morning while my son napped I prepared some orzo and vegetable broth, chopped about a kilo of parsley (which is going in the freezer), and threw some ripe bananas in the freezer for my smoothies.

Take a look at my son’s orzo soup-this was supposed to be for today’s lunch!! I think I have enough for at least two days…I’ll give the leftovers to Jack! The rest goes in the freezer, except for the bowl on the right-that’s dinner! I must have overdone it with those “heaven in a bite” treats yesterday because I’ve had a bit of a stomach ache today! Nothing that some homemade broth and boiled veggies can’t fix! 😉

There’s Jack chilling…strangely enough he wasn’t hanging out at my feet catching bits of food falling off the counter!

I ALMOST called it quits there then decided to make some cinnamon and flax oatmeal pancakes to store in the freezer for quick go-to snacks for my son!

Day 6 – Saturday, March 3rd…my sons’ 11-month day! 😉

Nothing much went on this morning…I gave my son a pancake (which he devoured!) then put him down for a nap and went to yoga. I ran errands afterwards so by the time I got home I was starving so I just “threw” lunch together-leftover frittata and focaccia for my husband, salad with tofu croutons for me, and orzo soup for my son.  Sometimes I feel like my kitchen should be called “Chez Lisa” because more often than not I am making 3 different meals at a time!! 😉

After lunch I made some healthy puffed rice bars-a week supply of (my) breakfast.

I made the mistake of pulling some “heaven in a bite” treats out of the freezer yesterday for my brother to try and at the same time tried to hide them from my husband (that didn’t work!). Needless to say I needed to stock up (again) so I made another batch. I’m definitely going to hide this batch somewhere in the (mammoth size) freezer downstairs!

Thank goodness I don’t have to think about what to make for dinner…we’re going for sushi!

Day 7 – Sunday, March 4th

Today I promised myself that I would get any cooking down in the morning while my son napped so I could spend the entire afternoon with him (seeing as he hardly naps in the afternoon anymore!!!) So, here we have sterilized water for my sons’ bottles, eggs boiling for my rice salad, an egg yolk for my son’s breakfast, and more water to boil rice.

Lunch was uneventful-boiled veggies (again) because we overdid it on the sushi yesterday…

And here is dinner at “Chez Lisa”, insalata di riso (aka. rice salad) and chicken white bean chili with swiss chard-already prepared and ready to be nuked in the microwave.

My son is off to bed soon so it looks like the rest of the evening will be for relaxation purposes only-I WISH!!

First day back tomorrow-WISH ME LUCK! 😉

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