Cooking With Herbs And Spices For Baby

Cooking With Herbs And Spices For Baby
Cooking With Herbs And Spices For Baby

Serving baby bland food is a misconception that not only prevents parents from providing variety but also discourages baby from developing an adventurous palate. Spices add variety, expose babies to a range of different tastes, and also give them a head start on becoming used to the flavours of family meals, which he or she will eventually eat alongside the family.

I started to introduce spices and herbs into my son’s diet at around 7 months. I incorporated them into meals, one at a time, by just adding add a pinch or two into foods he was used to eating. Once I knew that an allergic reaction was not an issue I increased the amount and began to combine a variety of herbs and spices together. Today I’m sharing the best combinations, making cooking with herbs and spices for baby easy and attainable.


Apple + cinnamon
Apricot + allspice
Banana + carob
Blackberries + cardamom
Blueberry + vanilla
Date + cloves
Fig + cloves
Peach + ginger
Plum + nutmeg, cardamom
Cherry + vanilla
Mango + ginger
Pear + cloves
Pineapple + mint
Strawberry + vanilla


Chicken + rosemary, thyme
Ground beef + cumin, oregano
Ground veal + fennel
Lamb + mint
Turkey + thyme
White fish, salmon, shrimp + dill, tarragon or turmeric


Broccoli + garlic, lemon
Cauliflower + nutmeg
Carrot + ginger
Edamame + mint, garlic
Eggplant + oregano, parsley
Green beans + garlic
Lentils + cumin, coriander or curry
Mushrooms + parsley, sage
Peas + mint
Potatoes + chives or dill
Rapini + garlic
Tomato + basil, oregano, bay leaf
Squash/Yam + nutmeg
Zucchini + saffron

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