Our Easter Lunch

Our Easter Lunch
Our Easter Lunch

Happy (belated) Easter everyone! Our Easter was a little crazy and unfortunately virus-filled! My son was getting over a cold and my husband started his day by greeting the toilet What better way to start Easter Sunday!

The plan was set; Mass at 11:00, rush home to prepare the apps and pasta, grandparents and uncle over by 12:30, chat over Easter lunch, etc. In an nutshell: eat, drink, and be merry! Well, WE ate, WE drank, and WE were merry…My husband on the other hand was not! (It’s a good thing he napped the entire time and didn’t know what delicious food he was missing!).

Here’s our Easter in some festive pictures:


We finally put these interesting placements that we bought in Nice, France last summer to good use!  They’re brilliant-each one displays a certain personality trait which you then use as a placemat to represent each individual dinner guest.


I didn’t have much time on my hands after coming home from Mass so the appetizers were literally two-bite crostini with homemade roasted red pepper dip and crumbled feta cheese…not TOO shabby, I’d say!


BBQ’d lamb sausages and lamb (care of Dad)


Chicken Parmesan (care of Mom)


“Pesto alla genovese” (with homemade pesto)


Taking a whiff before we scarf it all down (well, except for me-it wasn’t gluten-free and I was too lazy to make my OWN pasta!).


Testing out a new recipe on the guinea pigs my family: White Bean Vanilla Lemon and Honey Cake (recipe coming soon!) with honey-lime macerated strawberries Not ONE of them could guess what the cake was made of…and I must say, they were all pleasantly surprised! (You can ask them, they’ll vouch for me!)


My happy family!


Minus one…(talk about bad luck!)


And that was our Easter..in a nutshell!
(For the record, after writing this post and going to bed I ended up having a nice chat with Mr.Toilet too…ALL night long!)

How was your Easter? Any special recipes that you’d like to share?! 😉

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