A Lazy Weekend Ahead

A Lazy Weekend Ahead
A Lazy Weekend Ahead

Happy Saturday! This weekend is shaping up to be a quiet one, and I’m thankful for that since I’m still recovering from the two kid’s birthday parties we attended last weekend – one of which was for my own sweet daughter who turned four!

With all the free time we have this weekend I think I’ll head on over to Pinterest and choose a few crafts to do with the kids – ahem, the realistic ones, not the ones that involve hours of prep, then only 2 minutes to complete, and then another 30 minutes to clean up! Oh Pinterest, my love/hate relationship with you has reached its peak. On that note, if you also think you’ll be having a lazy weekend ahead, you might enjoy perusing through some of these links that I’ve come across this week!

1. I found a great website for meal planning, grocery shopping tips, and healthy recipes.

2. Did you know that national food holidays exist? You can find daily updates here.

3. Freestyle diving at three years old? Come on!

4. I wish I could turn back time to try some of these toddler-proofing tricks.

5. Did you know that sleeping naked can help prevent diabetes? Not too convinced about that, but it does say so here.

6. I’ve always wanted to play drums. Maybe I should have started this early!

7. As a teacher, I often question our educational practices here in North America. More and more it seems like the Finnish are doing it right!

8. This kid cracks me up! I can’t get enough of him. Loving the accent too!

9. Last weekend I went a little overboard shopping at the outlets in Atlanta. My favourite purchase was this gorgeous Michael Kors crossbody purse. It looked even more appealing once I discovered it was 60% off!

10. Black Friday shopping? Nope. Not this year. Not last year. Most likely never. I can’t imagine how one could find comic relief on Black Friday?

16 thoughts on “A Lazy Weekend Ahead”

  • lynzy 6 years ago

    Those toddler proofing tricks are SO good!!! I love this – fun link round ups like this are so fun! Thank you for sharing it!

  • I do too, but I’m always too late! lol!

  • jennifer 6 years ago

    I’ve been looking for a list of the national food holidays – this is great! I like trying to revolve *some* content around my favorites! ; ) I’m in major need of a lazy weekend too, so I hope you had a great weekend! We’re almost there – kinda!! 😀

  • I haven’t heard of that website socuisine. I will check it out since I currently pay emeals for a meal planning service, and I rarely even use it! A Michael Kors bag is always on my wishlist.

  • Everyday is the same for us we’re just thankful to be alive and in good health whatever we choose to do depends on how we feel.

  • Planning meals ahead is so time saving. My husband laughs at me, but I am trying to convince him how smart it is. I guess if he cooked every night, he may feel differently!

    • Definitely! You need to assign him that job! lol! I do think it’s a must – especially when you have kids!

  • Weekends are the best! Especially when it is cold outside and there is nothing to do but snuggle up inside and watch movies. Lots of great articles for me to read when the weekend gets here again– thanks!

  • I love weekends like that. I haven’t had one in so long. I need a day to lounge.

  • I love Lazy weekends too especially if I have a new book. Or like you a Pinteresting weekend too. I will not get tired of browsing and pinning home decors and DIYs.

  • I love weekends like this. Also, I need that purse too! Totally showing it to my husband! It looks amazing!! MUST HAVE!!! And sleeping naked….no thanks! lol

  • I absolutely love those weekends where there is a lot of time available to rest and relax. It sounds like you had a fabulous weekend. I’m interested in meal planning so that site sounds really cool. And I agree the Finnish have done a lot right when it comes to education.

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