TGFG (Thank Goodness for Gelato!)

TGFG (Thank Goodness for Gelato!)
TGFG (Thank Goodness for Gelato!)

Summer!  A few things come to mind when I think of summer…vacation, sun, sand, heat, beaches, and if you’re in Italy…GELATO!

Gelato just tastes better in Italy.  Period.  (Although I’m sure the summer heat and the “I’m-on vacation so I can eat whatever I want, especially if I’m in Italy” mentality has something to do with it!)

On the way home from the beach the other day…

Liscia Ruja Beach


We stopped by “Bosisio’s”, our favourite gelateria in Abbiadori, Sardinia.  We’re no strangers here…we make a gelato run at least once a week!

Note:  I’m somewhat intolerant to dairy but my post-dairy symptoms are nothing compared to my craving for gelato!  Besides, who can NOT eat gelato while in Italy?!


Bosisio’s boasts a variety of traditional and unique flavours…

Tiramisu, MisterNico bar, amarena (cherry), stracciatella (chocolate chip), dark chocolate, milk chocolate, zabaione…


Fig, maracuja (passion fruit), peach sorbet, watermelon sorbet, yogurt, ricotta and honey, mixed Berry, pineapple, liquorice, Mirto, mint chocolate…the flavours go on and on!!

ice cream (copy)

These are some of my faves:



Mirto, which is made from the leaves of the Mirto tree (the same used to make authentic Sardinian Mirto liqueur).


And my all-time fave (which isn’t pictured) “Apriti Sesamo“, a delicious blend of sesame, cream, and milk chocolate! YUM!

Gelato doesn’t necessarily come cheap (especially when you tack on the exchange rate) but it is definitely worth it!  This (mammoth) portion was 4 euro (about $5.50 CDN).

Quite a bit of gelato BUT it was such a hot day (that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!).


You can tell we come here often…He knew exactly what flavours he wanted!


Frutti di bosco (Mixed berries) and Peach Sorbet!


Obviously, the hefty portion was not enough…someone got his hands on an ice cream cup too!


As he would say, “All done!”  (Cue crying his eyes out right after this picture was taken!)


Fast forward to four days later…

Once again, I got the LARGEST cup (because once again, it was such a hot day!) with four heaping scoops of milk chocolate, Malaga (rum raisin), fig, and ricotta and honey.


Bonding time over ice cream 😉


Good to the last drop!  (And let me tell you, those cups were wiped clean!)


What’s your favourite ice cream flavour?  

What’s the strangest flavour of ice cream you’ve eaten?



4 thoughts on “TGFG (Thank Goodness for Gelato!)”

  • Monica 9 years ago

    This looks amazing! I can only imagine what real Italian Gelatto tastes like!

    • Lisa @bitesforbabies 9 years ago

      You’re missing out Monica, lol! I wish I had the secret recipe 😉

  • rose Corda 9 years ago

    Yum, those gelatos do look good. My favourite would be coconut and chocolate.

    • Lisa @bitesforbabies 9 years ago

      They were! I can’t remember…have you tried the “Apriti Sesamo?!” It’s delicious!!!

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