Cows and Clubbing in the Costa Smeralda

Cows and Clubbing in the Costa Smeralda
Cows and Clubbing in the Costa Smeralda

The 12th annual “Sagra del Bovino” (translated, “Beef Feast”) in Calangianus, Sardegna welcomed over 2,700 locals and tourists who gathered together to pay homage to, what else…the cow!

Local farmers, bread, wine and cheese producers of the Gallura region set up camp along the tiny winding streets of this small town to display (and also offer samples!) of their authentic, organic products.  While visitors perused the local fare, smoke wafted throughout the town…basically turning it into one big BBQ site!


It was just a typical Saturday night here…a 40 minute drive to Calangianus, fill up on some local beef, stroll through the town and peruse the market kiosks, grab a quick espresso at the local bar…then make our way back to the Costa Smeralda to go dancing until the wee hours!

A huge waft of smoke from the roasting pits signalled our arrival on the scene!


Cow on a spit, anyone?!

*Note: I’m not much of a meat eater (for dietary and ethical reasons) but I have come to understand the traditions respected here.  At first, the site of this cow on a spit was not a pleasant one for me however, I also know that these animals are treated with the utmost respect, raised in large pastures, roam freely, and are treated humanely.


The Sardinian flag, standing loud and proud at the town entrance.


The set-up is pretty simple…pay for your ticket, line up (like a herd of cows!), grab a plastic platter and walk down the line as your tray is filled with fresh bread, local tomatoes, a chunk of pecorino cheese, slow-roasted beef, a hamburger, and some local wine…all for about $10.00 CDN!


We tasted a few appetizers to start…

Fried handmade ravioli stuffed with stewed beef (or stuffed with ricotta and drizzled with honey).


Local pecorino cheese warmed to a crisp…


Then wrapped in locally prepared “fresa” bread.


And finally, after the long wait…dinner is served (at around 10:00 p.m!).

How much more authentic and rustic can you get?!


My doctor (who recommended I consume more red meat due to very low iron levels) would have been proud!


Note to self: Nausea, dizziness, stomach pain, headache…all signs of iron overdose!! (Or was it the wine??).

And for dessert, take your pic: cotton candy, locally produced torrone, or an array of candy to scoop up at your leisure.


And to end the meal, some locally produced Mirto, of course!

Cheers 😉


I found me a cute local sheep herder as we were leaving.  (No worries, my hubby took the pic!)  😉


The aftermath…(I pity the fool who had to clean this mess!)


Nothing like a good ole’ tractor ride (in heels!) to top off a night of good food and good fun!  


Now, off to the club! 



4 thoughts on “Cows and Clubbing in the Costa Smeralda”

  • monica 10 years ago

    This looks like an amazing experience! Thanks so much for taking the time to transport me momentarily!

    • Lisa @bitesforbabies 10 years ago

      It was! I love the contrast between the rural antique traditions and the modern way of life!

  • rose Corda 10 years ago

    Looking good on that tractor

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