Winter in Sardinia 2018

Winter in Sardinia 2018
Winter in Sardinia 2018

Sardinia is known for its stunning beaches and touristy summer vibes, as well as its mild and short winters. This year mother nature had other plans for Sardinia, thanks to the icy Siberian winds that sent over freezing temps and snow last week, and record-breaking amounts of it!

Early last week Sardinia saw its first major snowfall in over 30 years. It was a winter wonderland in Northern Sardinia – or shall I say it was snowmaggedon! People scrambled to the supermarkets to stock up on food and water, schools closed for the day, and the general consensus was to stay indoors. To say this was the snowfall of the century is an understatement. For most Sardinians – many of whom have never seen snow, this was a major event. For a born and raised Canadian like myself, this snowfall was far from the Canadian winters I’m used to, but still quite a surprise considering the anomaly of this event.

Albeit I’m no stranger to snow, there was something peculiar about waking up and stepping outside to see snow – in Sardinia. I’ve never been a fan of neither the cold nor the snow, but to my surprise that early morning crisp, cold air made me nostalgic. It reminded me of home. The home I miss every single day. Mother Nature gave me a gift, a small but significant reminder of home, a day to reminisce about winters in Canada, and a chance for the kids to enjoy the snow they left behind.

The snow fell and within a day the snow melted. But the memories were made – snow in Sardinia, after 30 years, the exact year we decided to move here. Perhaps it was a coincidence, or perhaps it was Mother Nature’s way of sending us a little reminder of home.

Winter in Sardinia 2018

Winter in Sardinia 2018

Winter in Sardinia 2018

Winter in Sardinia 2018

Winter in Sardinia 2018  Winter in Sardinia 2018

Winter in Sardinia 2018 Winter in Sardinia 2018

10 thoughts on “Winter in Sardinia 2018”

  • This is somewhere I could happily live! I am planning a move to Florida soon, and keep saying I won’t miss winter, but I think I won’t miss the LONG winters of Kansas. I would definitely be happy in a place like this with beaches and very short winters! 🙂

  • The climate has really change everywhere. We are suppose to be experiencing heat by now but it’s still very cold. How fun is that though, I’d play in the snow if that happens in our area and take tons of pictures too!

  • Oh my goodness, you guys just made me miss winter SO much! I have definitely heard of Sardinia as being famous for its beaches too, but it looks lovely in winter as well. I hope to get there myself soon!

  • Shelley King 6 years ago

    We have had one of those winters here in Ky! I am hoping we are over the snow. Don’t worry though it snows here almost every year and peoole still run like crazy to the grocery. Winter is hard on me with vitamin D loss.

  • The fairytale and magic! You are lucky! We`ve never seen a snow in Cuba:)

  • The weather has been just crazy this last year. We had a taste of summer over the weekend here in Colorado – almost 70 degrees! Crazy!! I am glad you enjoyed your snow. Fun pictures.

  • nadaliebardo 6 years ago

    Oh no, mother nature has been breaking records around the world these past few cold months. I cannot believe I am seeing an orange tree in the middle of the winter in a usually sunny place.

  • Aweee what a magical day and what a magical article to read! I can truly tell it was special for you! I am sure it was special in a whole other way for those who had never seen snow! I am sure there was panic but once that subsided I hope the Sardinians enjoyed it!

  • What a beautiful place!! I’m Canadian so I’m afraid of a little snow and cold! I love the beauty of it and the way the sun sparkles on the crystals.It is so beautiful in Sardinia with the flowers popping through the snow. Is that common?

  • Ann F. Snook-Moreau 6 years ago

    I’m the same way when it comes to winter weather. I hate the cold and ice but I think I’d be sad or feel weird during a winter without it. Looks like your kiddos had fun playing in it!

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