Stuck on You Kid’s Labels and Accesories

Stuck on You Kid’s Labels and Accesories
Stuck on You Kid’s Labels and Accesories

As a mom of two small children, I know first-hand how easily personal objects and articles of clothing can be misplaced. When my son started day care a little over a month ago, I was slightly overwhelmed by day care protocol, in particular the need for name labels! (Dare I admit that I might have been the only mom who sent her son to day care without his clothing labelled?!)

Shortly after my son started I daycare I was (coincidentally) introduced to this fabulous product! Stuck on You Kid’s Labels and Accessories is an Australia-based company that makes quality, unique, and fun labels. It was created in 1995 by an Australian mom of two and since then has expanded into an international business,  shipping to anywhere in the world.

The variety of designs and articles are endless, from personalized name labels for clothing and containers, to small accessories such as stationary, invitations, lunch bags, backpacks, place mats, water bottles, and more!


The Stuck on You website is very user-friendly. I loved that my son could browse through the variety of designs and colours and choose his favourites. After much consideration (I wanted to order everything on the website!) we finally decided on some plastic and iron-on clothing name labels and water bottle.


Both my son and I fell in love with this product-him because of the funky, colourful designs and myself because they are practical, unique, and easy-to-use and apply.

The labels come with easy-to-follow,detailed instructions and are basically foolproof!


The iron-on clothing labels were so simple to apply-cover with the piece of parchment paper provided, press firmly with your iron for 10-15 seconds, and voila!


As for the plastic labels, simply peel from the sheet and stick onto any plastic or glass container.


Since receiving these products, I find myself often browsing through the website, taking note of all my favourite products and designs. I am so happy that I was introduced to this product and intend on using it in the future when my children start school.

Now, here’s your chance to win this fabulous product!

Stuck on You has generously donated two $25.00 vouchers to be redeemed at their online store. To enter, visit Stuck on You’s website and leave a comment below. Follow Bites for Babies or Stuck on You (on twitter, instagram, facebook, or pinterest) for an extra entry! Winners will be picked through random selection on Saturday, January 24th, 2015.

48 thoughts on “Stuck on You Kid’s Labels and Accesories”

  • monica 8 years ago

    My kids are SOOO good at loosing things. It’s infuriating…really! So now I have to label everything – this sound like a great brand!

  • When it comes to kids, I like label designs that are uncomplicated, easy-to-read, and nicely colored. This product line looks like a real winner. It’s very generous for the company to offer two vouchers for readers to try out. I also just learned another use for parchment paper!

  • Rebecca Swenor 8 years ago

    These are awesome indeed. I love the personalized stickers labels for container and the personalized water bottle is really cool. The personalized labels are really awesome for when the kids are in school because you have to label everything, I really have to check them out. Thanks for sharing.

    • The funny thing is (I’m a teacher), and I hardly ever see any students with their items labelled! Maybe a jacket or two but never any containers!! I’m so overly organized so these are right up my alley!!

  • Barbie Ritzman 8 years ago

    These come in so handy especially for school as things always seem to get lost. Love them!!!!

  • I have labels for EVERYTHING! My son is in daycare and if it’s not labeled, we lose it for sure. These labels are colorful and vibrant and look durable. I need ones that can withstand anything my toddler throws at it! ;D

  • These sound like the stickers to have even for adults like me because believe me I need some of my clothes labelled. Having being friends with my besties we seem to have the knack to pick the same clothing in the same size which really doesn’t help.

  • These are adorable! I’d love to have some for books. The ones I used inside clothing and backpacks would have a phone number instead of a name for a predator to use. That’s my only suggestion.

  • These are so cute! I love them! I’ll have to order some for school next year.

  • Chrysa Duran 8 years ago

    I like the bright and bold designs of these labels. The iron on labels would be super handy too.

  • michele d 8 years ago

    What a great idea to label your kids things. This would be great to do for my daughters things for school.

  • What cute labels! These are perfect for kids, especially the iron on ones for clothes and materials.

  • I
    purchase labels for my son when he started school last year. They have turned
    out to be very useful. However, I have another sound scheduled to start school
    this year. So, I will definitely check this company out once I start back to
    school shopping.

  • courtney 8 years ago

    Ahhhh what a fantastic giveaway!!! I love labeling everything for my daughter

  • Michelle Hwee 8 years ago

    Wow I wish I had these back then, they would have been so easy to use and so helpful. I love how high quality these stickers look and how pretty and simple too. I would love them! I must check them out.

  • Meeks 8 years ago

    I totally need these things to put around the house and will make teaching my niece how to pick up her things as well. I love that it can stick on to about anything and will make great labeling for my kitchen spices and drawer to identify what goes where. I’ll be ordering some of these today. Thanks for the idea and tips.

  • These look fantastic! Really helpful for kids in school, daycare or even playdates! I love that personalized bottle! So cute!

  • Ashley 8 years ago

    I have all my children’s possessions labeled with this very same brand of labels. They have labels on their jackets and backpacks and these hold up well in the wash. Thanks for the review!

  • Jennifer Juro 8 years ago

    We are constantly having to deal with my son forgetting things at school. These would be a great way to try to get them back. These would be handy for telling apart some of my girls stuff to from one another!

    • As a teacher, I think it’s hilarious that they forget their things so often at school! I literally pick up random shoes, gloves, sweaters,etc and ASK who they belong to…and STILL, no one claims them! This would help out the teachers a lot (even for the older students, lol!).

  • These are awesome to use when the kids go to the babysitters house. I’ll head over and check these out. thanks

  • Terri Lynn Grothe 8 years ago

    these are great for Brooke’s school stuff

    • I know! My son is only in daycare so there’s only so much he brings with him there. You should check out the site-they have lunchboxes, place mats, etc…such cool stuff!

  • Nicole 8 years ago

    These look great! Would make life a bit easier for myself and Evelyn!!

  • The teacher in me loves this post. The lost and found cupboard at school is overflowing with stuff that is often donated or thrown out at the end of the year. It is such a waste. Labels are so handy…we can just return whatever is lost to the rightful owner.

    • That’s exactly what I thought Tami! It’s unbelievable how many articles of clothing get left by the end of the year. As a parent, I don’t understand how they don’t realize what’s gone missing?! lol!

  • These are great printables and labels. Way back, we manually have to write it names via permanent marker, it messes up the item itself – love this idea (wished people thought about it before, lol!)

  • Nicole E. 8 years ago

    I love fun labels like that. They make it so much more convenient to keep track of my son’s stuff. Plus, they’re a lot cooler than me just writing on a piece of tape with a sharpie. I love that they come in all different sizes to fit different items.

  • Denise 8 years ago

    These are great and it makes sure that everyone keeps their own stuff

  • Robin Rue 8 years ago

    Those are super cute. I label everything that goes out of the house with my kids….otherwise most of it would never make it back.

    • As a teacher, I see this happen ALL the time!! It’s amazing too how kids cannot seem to remember what belongs to them (and I’m talking about senior elementary students, lol!)

  • mail4rosey 8 years ago

    Labels!! They’ve saved snow pants, gloves, and a water bottle for us. Oh, and a Spiderman lunchbox (because there were two in Lost and Found, ours had a label). Love them!! And for the contest, I like the Summer PJ set. I’d get that for my granddaughter’s #2 birthday just before summer. Thanks for hosting!

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