Juicing in the Country

Juicing in the Country
Juicing in the Country

I lasted about 3 (long) weeks without my beloved food processor (actually longer than I thought) but I couldn’t take it anymore so we just HAD to order one!  Besides, why not have our “home-away-from-home’s” kitchen as fully equipped as my own?

There are many things that I love about the countryside (and many things I hate, such as spiders…but that’s another post!) and one of them is having a huge garden, along with a ton of different fruit trees (apple, apricot, orange, lemon, plum, fig, pomegranate, the list goes on) right outside our back door.  I also love that my son can join in on the fun and help prepare his own “meals” with fresh, organic ingredients.  I have no doubt that what he learns today will help cultivate his love for food and healthy eating.

It doesn’t get any more organic than this! (NB: You KNOW your fruits and veggies are organic and pesticide-free when they are surrounded by insects, such as SPIDERS!).


On today’s breakfast menu…fresh orange juice!


My son even had a go at picking a few (with a little help from nonno!).


Juicing away…


Going in for the kill…


Digging for gold pulp!


Good to the last (piece of) pulp!


Making fresh orange juice is one thing….making it with freshly picked oranges from your OWN garden is another!


YUM! 😉


Breakfast of (Italian) champions…a strawberry jam-filled brioche and fresh orange juice!


Now onto the next juicing recipe…


7 thoughts on “Juicing in the Country”

  • TianaMangold 10 years ago

    I have to say, I’ve been looking at recipes on your site for the past couple of days now and I can’t close the tab. Your recipes are great! Simple enough to not be overwhelming on busy days but still delicious with just the right amount of substitutions to feel better about giving them to my daughter. Just really awesome bases of flavor that you can build on to suit your families preferences. And your son is adorable by the way! My daughter was lucky enough to get her daddy’s eyes, they look like your son’s – lashes and all 🙂

    • Lisa @bitesforbabies 10 years ago

      Thanks so much Tiana! It means so much to me to get feedback…and to know that my recipes are neither overwhelming or difficult to make! Sometimes a long list of ingredients can be daunting but I’d like to think that they are quick and easy…and tasty! After all, I’m a mom of two…I love cooking but also need to micro-manage my time!! By the way, (I think) my son inherited my eyes, lol! Everyone says he’s a spitting image of my husband..can’t I at least take credit for something?! Thanks again for following and hope to hear more from you in the future 😉

      • TianaMangold 10 years ago

        Somehow I made my name disappear from my comment, LoL….

  • Jordan | Berlin by the Bay 10 years ago

    I’m so jealous! This looks like an amazing way to raise children. My daughter doesn’t get this kind of education growing up in the city!

    • Lisa @bitesforbabies 10 years ago

      We are lucky to be able to raise our children in the country as well (if only for two months a year!). I’m a city girl at heart but there are also many things I appreciate about the country 😉

  • Heather McCurdy 10 years ago

    Do tell where in Italy were you?? This place looks divine!

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