Discovering Sardinian Cuisine

Discovering Sardinian Cuisine
Discovering Sardinian Cuisine

Most people have never heard of Sardinia, the majestic island situated in the middle of the Mediterranean, surrounded by the emerald green sea.


Sardinia boasts a coastline outlined by splendid beaches and the heart of Sardinia is covered with lush greenery, rocky mountains, and a breathtaking, unspoiled countryside. This picturesque, captivating island is the place I called home for four years and is now my home-away-from-home every summer.

Sardinians are proud of their unique heritage and land, and most of all, their food. Sardinian’s take pride in their authenic cuisine which is not only delicious, but healthy. In fact, it is has been deemed one of the five blue zones in the world. As with any cuisine, there are some rich, over-the-top recipes (such as the ones pictured below) but in general, Sardinia boasts one of the healtiest diets in the world.

Porcetto (Roasted suckling pig)


Zuppa Gallurese-A lasagne type dish, made with Peretta cheese, bread, and meat broth.


Local Sardinian Sweets


Moscardini – Baby squid sauteed in tomato sauce


Formagelle-Sweets filled with ricotta cheese, raisins, and lemon zest


Cazu marzu (Andrew Zimmern can tell you about this one!)


Crostata all frutta


Casiu Furriatu-Peretta cheese, heated and whipped with cream, served with local honey


Grilled fish and gamberi


Local, homemade sausage


Sardinian gnocchi made with a wild boar tomato sauce


Our annual care package; local honey, peretta, formagelle, bottarga (grey Mullet fish roe) and Mirto, a Sardinian liquer made with fresh myrtle berries.



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