Italy, Here We Come!

Italy, Here We Come!
Italy, Here We Come!

So, here’s our trip to Sardinia in a nutshell…(once again, may I remind you…with a 15 month old!!!)

Windsor – Toronto  (2 hour layover at Pearson)
Toronto – Montreal (1 hour layover at Trudeau)
Montreal – Rome (8 hour flight)
Rome – Sesto Campano, Molise (waited 2 hours at Fiumicino for the rent-a-car, then 2 1/2 hour car ride to our destination!)

All sarcasm aside, the entire trip wasn’t actually as bad as I had anticipated!!! My son didn’t have any issues with his ears during take-off and landing and we entertained him quite easily on the short legs of our trip. On the Windsor flight we distracted him with Cheerios, then from Toronto to Montreal he “read” the airplane magazines and stared out the window. Our main concern was the long haul from Montreal to Rome.

Windsor Airport
I thought it might be a good idea to take a “before” picture in Windsor (as we didn’t know how the trip was going to pan out!)

I’m not a big fan of medication but ended up opting for some Benadryl…either my son was completely exhausted from the hustle and bustle of the day or the Benadryl was our saviour because he slept for five hours!!!! Mind you, he woke up a few times but fell back asleep after only a minute or two!

I would have loved to take a picture of my son sprawled out on our laps for the blog (and believe me I contemplated it for the entire 5 hours!) but there was NO way I was going to move and risk waking him. We actually had to sit still the entire time!! After an hour or so, my butt went from falling asleep to going completely numb….and after 5 hours you can only imagine (I hope that the prolonged numbness won’t have any long-term effects!!).

Fiumicino Airport (Rome)
Here I am, luggage in tow, stomach full from a quick lunch, and waiting for the “ice cream man!” I wanted my son in the pic as well but he had been “kidnapped” by his nonna (who hasn’t seen him in almost a year!) so I went ahead and took it anyway!

Rent-a-car, check! Luggage, check! Prepared for our road trip, check!
My poor son was SO confused! If he could speak I know he’d be saying, “Are we there yet?!!!” (or maybe worse!) He was such a trooper! 😉

Sesto Campano, Molise
We finally made it and on not a wink of sleep may I remind you!! We still had just enough energy to take a stroll around the town before (finally) turning in, but THAT is another story…JET LAG…need I say more?! 😉

Only 3 days in Sesto then we’re off to Sardinia!!! Here’s a preview of what we have to look forward to:

Where was the farthest YOU have traveled with your children?

Do you have a horror story or a surprisingly good one, like mine? 


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