Dinner Party In The Country!

Dinner Party In The Country!

I love hosting dinner parties!  We don’t often host them ourselves when we are in Sardinia because, in short, we’re not in our own home!

Our “home away-from home” is my in-law’s country house…which is nestled in a stunning lot, surrounded by a huge garden (of my dreams!)…

…flowers of all sorts, and every tree imaginable-fig, pomegranate, apple, orange, lemon, plum, pine, palm…just to name a few!

The other night we finally decided to organize a dinner party and to my surprise I was relieved of my regular duties as chef-in my home, I’m usually the cook and my husband is the dishwasher (which suits us both well!).  My husband nominated himself as chef, and I, sous-chef (which, might I add, was fine with me!).

He spent the day setting up a table under the trees and hanging lights…which resulted in a perfectly quaint “poolside” dining experience!

I cleaned the calamari and he cleaned the fish (I’ve spared the pics because they might make some squirmy!)

I was VERY excited for dinner, as you can see!

The Menu:
Grilled bruschetta with cream cheese and smoked salmon

Shrimp and avocado ceviche (courtesy of the “sous-chef”!)

Tagliatelle with calamari and bottarga (aka. red mullet roe)

Fresh “orata” (sea bream) baked in salt with bbq-grilled eggplant and tomatoes from the garden, of course!

Look at those teeth..scary!

And for dessert…
“Torta Della Nonna” (which our guest kindly prepared!)

“Creme brûlée” Viennetta ice cream

Freshly picked figs…and of course we finished the night off with some Mirto!

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