“Holly Homemaker” Makes Sardinian Gnocchi

“Holly Homemaker” Makes Sardinian Gnocchi
“Holly Homemaker” Makes Sardinian Gnocchi

If you’ve read my past posts, “Holly Homemaker (Part 1)“, “Holly Homemaker, Meet Your Match (Part 2)“, and “Holly Homemaker, Meet Your Match (Part 3)” you’ll know that I am somewhat of a multi-tasker when it comes to cooking for the family!

It’s a tradition here to eat gnocchi on August 1st (I still don’t know why, but who cares!). My husband and I took off to Nice on a mini-vacay so my mother-in-law decided to wait and make them for when we returned. Of course, I jumped at the opportunity to share this on my blog!  Unfortunately, the afternoon she decided make them was the afternoon I (so desperately) needed a nap-a 2 1/2 hour nap that is! Anyway, I woke up to find that she had almost finished making them (hence the lack of photos of the first stages of preparation!).

Needless to say, there was enough dough left for me to make a small batch. It wasn’t my first time making gnocchi-I’ve made them numerous times at home and I can tell you it is quite time consuming (and sometimes painful-especially when you use a cheese grater instead of the specially made wooden board pictured below!) On top of that, for the past year, gnocchi-making has been taken over by baby food-making…for obvious reasons!

I have made a vow to make gnocchi once we get back home…and I’m sure I’ll eventually add a new post about it…”Holly Homemaker (Part 4), perhaps?! 😉

Here are the steps (in a nutshell!):

Step 1: Make the dough (my mother-in-law keeps hers simple using only flour, salt and water but there are recipes that call for potatoes, nutmeg, ricotta…the list goes on and on!)

Step 2: Knead the dough until it is soft like a baby’s bum (literally!)

Step 3: From the dough into a log and cut off one portion at a time.

Step 4: Roll out log into a long uniform piece (about 2cm in diameter).

Step 5: Cut into small pieces.

Step 6: Roll each individual piece onto a wooden board (specially made for gnocchi) or a cheese grater (if you don’t have one, like me!)

Trying with all my might! It should be simple…          Not as easy as I thought! My method is
press down with two fingers and roll downwards..    different (although more painful!).


Freshly pureed tomato sauce and gnocchi bubbling away…

This has to be the easiest pasta to cook…once they float to the top, they are done!

Lunch is served…Buon Appetito!

Inspired?! Here are some recipes to get you started:




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