My Week On Instagram (Week 1-Sardinia)

My Week On Instagram (Week 1-Sardinia)
My Week On Instagram (Week 1-Sardinia)

While I only post sporadically on my Blog about my daily life, I make up for it on Instagram! I’m a big fan of Instagram, mainly because I can share my adventures in the kitchen and with my family in only a few words (and hashtags!). To the point, minimal editing, and much more colourful than your average post!

Here is the first post, WEEK 1 (of many to come) of my life on Instagram!

There’s always room for a workout or two


Drying “au naturel”


My daily walk in the countryside


Freshly squeezed (homegrown) orange juice  


Beach time!


It’s a rare occurrence to find one of these close to shore nowadays…


Fresh coconut chunks


Gelato…Cornetto, to be exact!


Found a new pet in the garden for the kids to play with!


Mr.Crab, meet hermit crab!


Lunch guests in the countryside (with an amazing view!)


BBQ’d sea bream, whole prawns, and salmon


Formagelle-authentic Sardinian pastries filled with ricotta


A night out on the town…decisions, decisions!


Cutest selfie sabotager ever!



40 thoughts on “My Week On Instagram (Week 1-Sardinia)”

  • Joyce Duboise 8 years ago

    I want your life! haha. Thee adventures look so fun. I love all of your beautiful photos. The country side one is breathtaking. It’s nice to sit back and enjoy the beautiful things around you. I love this idea. It will be great to look back on these posts and remember these moments!

    • So very true! I feel like we live two different lives…a busy one in the city during the year, and a relaxed one in the countryside in the summer. The best of both worlds!

  • I love instagram too ♥ Those shoes are so cute and omg you touch a turtle i could never lol

  • This is such a cool way to do a post! Your week looks like one full of small adventures… and big heels! 😛
    My kind of lady!

  • Instagram is the BEST! What awesome pictures! Don’t you just love summer? Ahhh, I can’t wait for school to be out for the summer!

  • I’ve become a HUGE IG fan in the last few months! What a gorgeous view you have of the countryside <3

  • What a great week that your shared through your unique eyes! It is always fun to see what someone does with their week!

  • Jaime Nicole 8 years ago

    Great pictures – love seeing a snapshot of your week. And I’m totally jealous of your weather, and your beach!!! It’s still cool here!

  • As much as I love Instagram, I have never thought about making an entire post about my week on it! I think I might start doing something like this!

  • I love IG, too! Your pictures of Sardinia are beautiful, thanks for sharing a glimpse of your feed!

  • Ourfamilyworld 8 years ago

    I love Instagram too. Your pictures are so nice. I like the beach one. I cannot wait to go to the beach

  • The view of the countryside is really awesome and scenic. Your sabotager is so cute too. It must be refreshing just being here.

  • Rebecca Swenor 8 years ago

    The selfie is so adorable. All of these are just awesome pictures indeed. The crab picture freaks me out. lol I love the shoes are amazingly all cute. Thanks so much for sharing.

  • Jennifer Juro 8 years ago

    Looks like an amazing week! Those are beautiful views. I love Instagram I had so much fun on mine when we were in Hawaii

  • Oh my gosh. Sardinia sounds so wonderful. Those pictures are just so beautiful!

  • Stephanie Pass 8 years ago

    It looks like an absolutely beautiful place – that view! I love the starfish picture. My kids would love to see something like that.

  • My goodness, what a beautiful view of the countryside! I love all these pictures, and the little glimpse into your life. I definitely need to get on Instagram more, I’m horrible at updating my account.

  • NutriFit Mama 8 years ago

    I LOVE this! The starfish photo is amazing, and I love this little peak into your life! So fun!

  • I’ve got to get myself on Instagram more so I can see everyone’s amazing photos. I didn’t know what I’ve been missing but I could spend hours looking through your photos. Thanks so much for sharing.

  • Oh my gosh I love it! Love the starfish photo!! I used to do a weekly “My life Via Instagram” link up. I’d love to start it up with you again. I even have a button we could use. Let me know! Just love your pictures!

    • Lisa @bitesforbabies 9 years ago

      Thanks! You know, I’ve never done a link up before! Inbox me on Facebook so we can discuss (and you can tell me how it’s done!).

  • monica 9 years ago

    I love a visual glimpse into you incredible summer in Sardinia! And that sweet baby girl looks so happy in her mama’s arms!

    • Lisa @bitesforbabies 9 years ago

      Thanks Monica! I do feel like my Blog posts and Instagram feed are SO much more appealing while I’m in Italy…there’s just so much here that I can photograph, while I’m at home, life is pretty boring, lol!

  • This made me smile. The more I see your pics, the more Sardinia reminds me of Trinidad. We still dry our clothes on lines as well. We are surrounded by flora and the water looks similar. In Tobago its more light blue, but in Trinidad, it’s dark green/blue looking.

    • Lisa @bitesforbabies 9 years ago

      Now you really have me curious…I’m going to Google some pics now!

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