It’s All About the Agriturismo!

It’s All About the Agriturismo!
It’s All About the Agriturismo!

Have you heard of the term “Agriturismo?”

An agriturismo is primarily a farm that contains a number of rustic farmhouses restored into rooms and/or apartments, most of which are found on quiet and beautiful estates. Many agriturismo’s produce their own food products, such as wine, olive oil, cheese, honey or jam.


Many agriturismi, such as Tenuta Pilastru (the local agriturismo near our summer home), also have a restaurant on the estate that serves rustic and authentic (in this case, Sardinian) dishes made from local ingredients, such as locally-raised cattle, fresh gnocchi, and a variety of sweets and other delicacies.

View of the restaurant entrance.


The restaurant’s decor reflects the rustic ambiance of the surrounding estate.


The owners take pride in what they do and insist on offering only the best to their guests; quality ingredients, consistency, large portions, and a friendly at-home atmosphere!  We love this place (and also know the family well) so we decided to have our wedding pics taken here as well my son’s baptism reception.

Night time view of the restaurant from the pool


The restaurant menu in an agriturismo is usually a set menu, but in the case of Tenuta Pilastru they like to switch it up now and again and offer some variety.  As much as we appreciate diversity, we still find ourselves craving that same local fare that seems to taste better and better every time we eat it (and trust me, we’ve eaten here MANY times!!)

A few nights ago we were invited for dinner…and when I say “nights” I mean, dinner time was at 10:00 p.m.!

When we arrived at our table we found it “decorated” as always, with delicious local fare; delicacies; Surrau wine, pane carasau (crunchy thin pita-style bread), and my fave extra-virgin olive oil; San Giuliano.  (No mustard and ketchup at this table! We’re not in Kansas anymore, folks!)


Waiting for the other dinner guests to arrive…but already getting started! 😉


Appetizers included (among many others not pictured); Ricotta salata (savoury ricotta), pancetta and local sausage, thinly sliced, of course!


Veggie-stuffed canapés, chickpea and onions, and something else…do you recognize those fried veggies? (These were most likely made at the suggestion of our good friend, who can’t get enough of this American “specialty!”)


“Casu Furriau”
Pecorino cheese, melted on the stovetop with cream and saffron and garnished with honey. Not the lightest of appetizers, but delicious!


“Zuppa Gallurese”
A type of lasagna made with layers of bread, Peretta cheese, and lamb broth.  This is also my all-time fave AND consequently a gluten and dairy-intolerant person’s nightmare! (For me however, the consequences will never outweigh the joy I get from eating zuppa!)


Handmade gnocchi (by nonna herself) and fresh wild boar tomato sauce.


Roast suckling pig and roasted potatoes…if you haven’t tasted this one, you’re missing out! (Note: That was the serving platter, not my plate!)


My portion! (As you might know I’m not a big meat eater BUT the rules don’t apply when I dine at Tenuta!)


Sardinian “Seadas” and fresh fruit platter.


Crunchy on the outside, drizzled with locally produced honey and stuffed with sweet Peretta cheese!


And if that wasn’t enough…freshly made Sardinian cookies!


And of course, you can’t end an authentic Italian meal without an espresso (even if it’s at midnight!)

*Note: NO cappuccino’s here! Ask any true Italian and they’ll say; “Cappuccino’s are for breakfast ONLY!”)


And that my friends, is how we eat here in Sardinia! I hope you enjoyed the pictures as much as I enjoyed the food! 😉




3 thoughts on “It’s All About the Agriturismo!”

  • monica 10 years ago

    How cool to learn about these farms. As always love seeing glimpses of your life!

  • Paul L. Corda 10 years ago

    You just killed your father, over and over….

    • Lisa @bitesforbabies 10 years ago

      Too bad I can’t bring it ALL home…some Mirto, Peretta and maybe some honey will have to do 😉

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