Italy, Here We Come! (Part 2)

Italy, Here We Come! (Part 2)

After procrastinating for the longest time (in fear of burning a hole in our pockets) we finally wracked up our credit card bit the bullet and purchased our tickets to Italy…only 2 1/2 weeks before our departure date (talk about procrastinating!).  Now that the date is set, the countdown is full on!  I’ve been getting nostalgic and reminiscing (non-stop) about…

The (stunning) pristine beaches…


The beautiful landscape…


The quaint touristy towns…


and last but not least…the delicious food!


But wait…there’s a catch! We have to get there first!  Just as much as I’m reminiscing about the actual vacation, I’m also reminscing about the long trek to get there!

Remember my posts, “Toddler + Transatlantic Flight = HELP!” and “Italy, Here We Come!

Well, this time around we have the pleasure of flying with a two year old AND a six month old! (Happy, happy, joy, joy!)

The passengers in question…

Take a look at our itinerary…to wish us luck is an understatement!


And this does NOT include our 3 hour wait in Milan and then our final (only one hour, thank goodness!) flight from Milan to Sardinia.
*Note to self: Find the first café asap when we arrive! (Nothing like a nice STRONG shot of Italian espresso to get you going in the morning after a 19-hour trip!)

Once again, I’m running around frantically trying to find the perfect activities/toys, etc to keep my son busy on the plane.  The hard part is accomplishing this without burning another hole in my pocket (this is where the $1 store comes in handy!). Believe it or not (if you know me at all you’ll believe it!), I already have my son’s backpack packed and ready to go.

Let’s hope these “surprises” keep him busy…

I don’t care how messy it is as long as it keeps him busy!


Melissa and Doug Puzzles
I can’t count how many times my son has played with his wooden “transportation” puzzles by Melissa and Doug. These ones come in a box of four-they are sturdy and the perfect size for little hands.  (I’m nixing the box and throwing the puzzle pieces in a zip-lock bag to reduce space.)


Sticker books
These were our life-saver on the last year’s flight!  Not only did the stickers end up in the book but also on the tray, tv screen, and even on US!


New books
He’s just starting to get obsessed with “Cat…hat” (as he calls him) and he’s had a long- time crush on Dora!  He should be pleasantly pleased when he discovers these in his bag of goodies (although he really enjoyed the airplane magazine last year!).


I think those will do (but I’m up for any other suggestions!).

As for my daughter, let’s just say it’ll be as if we are lifting weights the entire time-I just found out at her doctor’s appointment yesterday that she’s in the 84% percentile for weight (bless!).  We’ve also reserved a “skycot,” which (apparently) is quite roomy AND relatively comfortable for baby (NOT like the one on our first flight to Italy!)

Well, the only thing we can do right now is PRAY cross our fingers!  The countdown is on…T-MINUS 10 DAYS!

Where was the furthest you traveled with your child? What toys/activities do you swear by to have on long-haul trips?


6 thoughts on “Italy, Here We Come! (Part 2)”

  • Shelley Maggio 7 years ago

    We just returned from Punta Cana with our 8 month old! My boobs were the best activities we had for her!!! And weight? Yep I hear that loud and clear too. She is a hearty little one herself!

  • Monica 7 years ago

    This is so incredibly exciting!! I can’t wait to hear all about it!

  • The farthest we went was to Florida (which for us was a 2 pt trip, 4 hrs with 2hr layover and then another 2). We took the red eye and I think.she was around 18m. The first leg wasnt bad as she slept but the last last two, well, we didn’t buy a seat because she was still flying free and the kid did not stop! Honestly though, I felt it was harder feeding her because we had all homemade before and switched to store bought for the trip. Ugh. Every meal was a nightmare. Luckily we were only there for 5 days…

    • I think every age has its challenges! I had to do some of the store-bought for my son too…hated it but had to! My daughter has just started on solids and I’m dreading giving her that stuff…I think I might just switch back to bottles only (just for the flights). She won’t notice the difference!

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