10 Summer Pasta Recipes For Kids

10 Summer Pasta Recipes For Kids
10 Summer Pasta Recipes For Kids

Pasta has always been a favourite among kids, and fresh pasta dishes are summertime staples at picnics, barbecues, pool parties, and more. These 10 summer pasta recipes for kids are tasty and healthy, and the kids will love them.

They’re easy to make, fresh and healthy, and are usually stress-free since they require few ingredients and not much time to prepare.

Packed with fresh flavours that highlight seasonal ingredients-many of which can be purchased locally or grown in your own garden, these summertime pasta dishes will have your kids asking for more, so make enough for leftovers!

Chickpea Pasta Salad


Caprese Pasta


Creamy Ricotta Rigatoni


Eggplant Parmesan Pasta


Tuna Zucchini Fusilli


Pesto Caprese Pasta Salad


Tuna Olive Tapenade Spaghetti


Pasta e Fagioli


Pesto Gnocchi N’ Cheese


Tortellini with Zucchini Tomato Sauce


23 thoughts on “10 Summer Pasta Recipes For Kids”

  • You have left me hungry and my mouth is watering. It was really kind of you to add vegan pastas. Being a vegan, I loved those and I will try them for sure.

  • Everyone knows the worst time to look at #FoodPorn is when your starving, so I waited till after dinner, and guess what? Your blog made me hungry again. We are vegetarian, so always looking for more yummy options. Thanks for adding to our list!

  • Kristy 8 years ago

    I love pasta so much! I could probably eat it for every single meal if my family would let me. The tortellini with Zucchini Tomato Sauce really has my mouth watering. Yum!

  • Oooh these look really good! You said it’s for kids, but of course it could also already be for us adults too. I always love me a good pasta dish and these look really great to try!

  • My mouth is watering looking at these photos! And I totally agree that pasta is such a hit with the littles! I just asked my oldest today to give me 5 dishes she could eat week after week. Three pastas were on this list but I think I’m going to try and incorporate some of these that you’ve listed here!

  • Carol Perehudoff 8 years ago

    I’m a pasta fanatic and these are making my mouth water, especially the creamy ricotta rigatoni. Making this with fresh pasta would be sooo good, for kids and adults alike. Thanks for the inspiration.

  • Farrah Less Gomez 8 years ago

    I am pretty sure adults will enjoy this too. I’m trying to limit my carbs but with this list of pasta recipe I’m afraid it will be a cheat day every day ha ha. I can’t wait to share this with my girlfriends who love pasta as much as I do.

  • You say these are for kids, but I want to eat them all, LOL! I love making pasta dishes. Especially cold pasta salads in the summer.

  • These are awesome!! My Kiddies will eat pasta above all else and I have been trying to think of ways to get them to try different styles…this is perfection!! Thanks so much for sharing…

  • I LOVE pasta salad! It combines two of my favorite things – pasta & salad 🙂 But seriously, these pasta salads all look amazing. Thanks for the recipes!

  • HAHA I agree with Sage & Simple down there – forget the kids, I want it all for myself! These ALL look good. Was just talking to the hubs about implementing a meal plan. I’ve been bad about cooking at home then last night went all out with a homerun dinner and it felt great. Will definitely add these to the plan. 🙂

    • Thank you Heather! As for meal planning, I usually prepare the basics, such as lentils, quinoa, rice, dips like hummus, pasta sauce and then store them in the fridge for the week. That way I have all the bases prepped and I only need to add condiments.

      • I am very jealous of you. My 10 year old stepdaughter won’t eat hummus, lentils (or any kind of bean), rice or quinoa – I do make it for us all the time, though. Long story, but my husband was away for the military for awhile and didn’t get to influence her tastes as much as he would have liked. She’s used to cans of Spaghetti-O’s and ramen so now that we get to live close by and have her here for visitations, getting her to explore new foods is a challenge sometimes. I keep trying, though.

  • For kids? No way, make that for me ; -) These look delicious. I’m all over that Creamy Ricotta Rigatoni! I often make pasta for my guys, but sit it out because of the carbs, but that recipe just looks too good to pass up.

  • Kristen Dann 8 years ago

    These all sound delicious! My son loves Tortellini with Zucchini Tomato Sauce.

  • mary 8 years ago

    Kids AND MOMS TOO! lol. I love all of these. They all look delicious. My fave is the Gnocci 🙂

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