Easy Tips for Glowing Skin (Éminence Organics Review)

Easy Tips for Glowing Skin (Éminence Organics Review)
Easy Tips for Glowing Skin (Éminence Organics Review)

All opinions expressed in this post are my own. Éminence Organics provided me with products to facilitate this review.

Beauty is only skin deep – or so the saying goes. Most of use know that the health of our skin is a direct reflection of how we take care of our bodies. If we eat poorly, our skin becomes malnourished, whereas if we consume clean, wholesome foods and follow a healthy lifestyle our skin in turn is nourished, healthy, and glowing. Some factors, such as age are inevitable however, we can maintain overall skin health by following easy tips for glowing skin.

1. Drink water
Aim to get at least 6 to 8 glasses of water a day. Dehydration causes skin to look dry, aged, and dull. Water helps flush out toxins from the body that cause inflammation and blemishes, leaving your skin fresh looking and glowing. To vary your consumption, drink non-caffeinated beverages like coconut water, or drink herbal teas.

2. Reduce refined sugar and salt intake
Too much sugar and salt in your diet has many negative impacts on your health, and consequently on your skin as well. Salt can cause some of us to retain water, which can lead to swelling, making the face look bloated. High blood sugar can weaken the skin by affecting tissues like collagen, which may leave your skin more susceptible to lines and wrinkles.

3. Eat healthy foods
Clean foods go a long way towards making skin glow. Consume wholesome, natural foods, and remember to fiber-rich foods to regulate digestion, and omega 3 rich foods, which are beneficial to your skin.

4. Exercise regularly
A regular exercise regime benefits the body, and the skin. Cardiovascular activity makes your skin glow because it stimulates blood flow, making your skin look refreshed and youthful.

5. Slather on sunscreen
We hear this time and time, and for good reason – sunscreen prevents skin damage. Look for formulas that offer broad-spectrum protection to guard against UVA rays (the ones that cause premature aging) and UVB rays (one of the main causes of skin cancer).

6. Follow an effective skincare routine
When nourishing your body from the inside out is not enough, an effective and consistent skincare routine is the next step in ensuring radiant skin. My preferred skincare line is Éminence Organics. Since discovering their products a few years ago after a visit to Idlewyld Spa in London, Ontario, I was instantly hooked. In fact, I bought an entire line of skincare on impulse – and it is still my preferred skincare line to date. I’ve teamed up with Éminence Organics for this review of their fantastic skin care products. Éminence treated me to replenishments of some my favourite products, including the Firm Skin Acai Cleanser and Firm Skin Acai Moisturizer, plus they surprised me with a bottle of their Bamboo Firming Liquid, which is now my absolute favourite product to date. After just one application your skin feels supple, smooth, firm, and as promised, youthful looking.

Easy Tips for Glowing Skin (Eminence Review)

Éminence is a natural skin care line that uses 100% organically grown fresh herbs, fruits and vegetables, combined with pure spring water to create their nourishing and rejuvenating products, all of which are free of Parabens, Mineral Oils, Petroleum and Sodium Lauryl Sulphate. The company, which was founded over 50 years ago in Budapest, Hungary, boasts an extensive line of organic products for all skin types that contain everything you need to maintain toned, refreshed, and moisturized skin.

Technical lingo aside, their products are simply amazing! In terms of usage, a little goes a long way. I was still applying the products I brought home from the spa over 5 months after purchasing them. They smell fresh and clean, and according to the aesthetician who used the products for my facial, ‘they’re so natural you could eat them from the jar.’ Their creams are smooth and silky, and permeate the skin without leaving any residue, which eliminates the need to continuously reapply the product. If you’re looking for a green, all-natural, effective product line to add to your beauty regime, I highly recommend these products.

Easy Tips for Glowing Skin (Eminence Review)

For more info, Éminence Organics skin care can be found online at Eminenceorganics, or at select spas throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Note: Eminence Skin Care recommends buying their products directly from spas and skin care clinics so that individuals can get professional advice as to which products are best for their skin type and condition, since many unauthorized dealers and websites that sell Eminence Skin Care may contain inferior creams and lotions that were repackaged in company bottles.

How do you maintain glowing skin? Which products do you use as part of your daily skincare routine?

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