Creative Ways to Use Leftovers

Creative Ways to Use Leftovers
Creative Ways to Use Leftovers

Reinventing leftovers is my secret to saving money and limiting food waste. It also motivates me to be more adventurous in the kitchen since reinventing leftovers means incorporating new ingredients and a variety of cooking methods to create a new and interesting meal.

The next time you are about to throw away leftovers remember the option of reinventing them and at the same time keep your family healthier by not choosing to grab take out as a quick on-the-go meal!

Today, I’m sharing creative ways to use leftovers to help inspire you in the kitchen and limit food waste, from re-inventing rice and pasta to bread and eggs. All you need are some fresh ingredients, most of which you can find sitting in your pantry or fridge, and of course, some imagination!

How to Reinvent Cooked Rice:

rice muffins

 How to Reinvent Cooked Pasta:


How to Reinvent Meat, Chicken or Fish:


How to Reinvent Eggs:


How to Reinvent Bread:


  • Prepare a light and fresh Panzanella salad (pictured above) made simply with torn pieces of day-old bread tossed with tomatoes, cucumbers, red onions, and seasoned with olive oil and balsamic vinegar.
  • Transform day-old bread into breadcrumbs by pureeing in a food processor.
  • Make a creamy bread pudding for a breakfast treat.
  • Make croutons by cutting into cubes, tossing with olive oil and baking until crispy.

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