Anthony Bourdain: The Hunger Tour

Anthony Bourdain: The Hunger Tour
Anthony Bourdain: The Hunger Tour

Who is Anthony Bourdain?

Anthony Bourdain-my ultimate chef crush (and through whom I live vicariously as he eats his way around the globe), is an internationally renowned best-selling author and television host. He’s a real heavyweight when it comes to the world of food and food culture, in general.

My obsession with him began after accidentally stumbling across his show, ‘Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations’ on The Travel Channel and it continued as I followed him on ‘The Layover’ and ‘Parts Unknown.’ I instantly fell in love with his raw (often vulgar), no holds barred sarcasm and humour-and even more so of his fantastic shows that focus on him parading around the world and eating his way through city after city.

The Hunger Tour

He has recently launched a second live tour across 11 North American cities. Lucky for me one of those 11 stops on the Anthony Bourdain: The Hunger Tour took place at the beautiful Fox Theatre in Detroit, Michigan.

Anthony Bourdain: The Hunger Tour

I didn’t know what to expect from a live Anthony Bourdain show, considering I’ve only seen his work on television. And I’ll be completely honest, as much as I call myself a die-hard fan, I haven’t read any of his books. In my defence, I prefer watching him in the flesh!

Upon settling into our seats, an usher approached to inform us that ‘our vision might be compromised due to the sound stage set up a few rows in front of us.’ She then proceeded to ask ‘would you like us to relocate you to the orchestra section.’

Cue, utter disbelief!

So, we worked our way down to the orchestra section, attempting with all our might to not explode from sheer excitement then nonchalantly shimmied our way into second row.


Anthony Bourdain: The Hunger Tour

We spent two glorious hours, up close and personal, listening to Anthony’s stories about Food Network chefs, politics, and everything from food-related hashtags (like #foodporn and #foodgasm-which he apparently cannot comprehend, and doesn’t want to!), to his travels around the globe, his favourite places, and some not-so kid-friendly stories about his old glory days or post-show dinners with his production crew.

Anthony Bourdain: The Hunger Tour

After an hour or so of dialogue he opened up the floor to the audience for a question and answer session. I threw my hand up every chance I got, like that straight-A student that everyone in the class despises. But to my dismay, I didn’t get a chance to ask my questions.

On that note…

Dear Anthony,

If by sheer luck you have stumbled across this Blog post, I would love to ask you two questions. Firstly (seeing that I’m Sardinian) I would love to know what your overall impression of Sardinia was. Secondly, is there any place in the world that you would NOT like to return to, and why?

Looking forward to your response, 



Anthony Bourdain: The Hunger Tour

21 thoughts on “Anthony Bourdain: The Hunger Tour”

  • This sounds like an awesome time! Looks like you definitely enjoyed it. So cool that you were up close and personal for his show. Thanks for sharing.

  • Looks like you were certainly up close and personal! Love it! I’ve watched Anthony Bourdain’s shows and he is definitely captivating.

  • My husband loves him. I think he would love to be involved in this even too. We love watching him try all kinds of new foods.

  • Nicole 6 years ago

    Great post Lisa! I love his brutally honest sense of humour. I have a question for you – would you be willing to go on a trip with Bourdain if it meant eating and drinking exactly as he does? 🙂

  • Tami Qualls 6 years ago

    How awesome it would be if he actually read your blog, then left a comment. I have never heard him but would like to. I am looking him up now so that I can find out more about him.

    • I know!! A few years ago, my husband tweeted Chuck Hughes about a recipe and he responded!!! And how crazy is it that I actually met him 4 months later at a food show in Toronto!?!?!?

  • Wow – what a treat to see him live in person. As a fellow foodie, I can’t help but be drawn to his work! I would love to hear his knowledge and chat about his favorite eats!

  • I didn’t know he did live tours. That’s cool! I’ve heard a lot about him although I’ve never seen his show since we don’t have cable. I’m glad you enjoyed the event!

  • I didn’t realize that Anthony Bourdain did live events. I guess I only thought he wrote books and hosted shows! Looks like you had a great time and I hope he sees your post so he can answer your questions for you. 🙂

  • Rose 6 years ago

    Great post…….you have such a way with words……you always did.

  • That looks like a fabulous tour!! I love listening to chefs talk about why they create certain dishes and why they got involved in the food industry!! Too bad he didn’t get to your question! That would have been epic!

  • This sounds like a fantastic event. That is so cool that they were able to move you so your view wasn’t obstructed. I need to see if he is coming to my area.

  • Angela Hanson 6 years ago

    Thank you Lisa. I surely would have been there, had it not been for a previous commitment! He is surely a super star and I love to follow Anthony as well! Love your take on him!

    • Really?! Too bad! I’m glad I was able to give you the gist of the evening. You should definitely go and see him the next time he hits town!

  • Great post! Would have loved to have seen that show 😉 I do hope Mr. Bourdain replies….

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