Road Trip Snacks Recipe Roundup

Road Trip Snacks Recipe Roundup
Road Trip Snacks Recipe Roundup

March Break is (finally) here! Are you one of the lucky ones who is taking off for a little family getaway (hopefully somewhere warm!)? What is your preferred method of travel; plane, train, or automobile?

If you’re planning a road trip you’ll need some healthy snacks to keep you energized…and prevent the kids from getting cranky, especially if you have a LONG road trip ahead of you! I can see it now…tons of vehicles on busy roads and highways making their way to their destination of choice. As fun and exciting as this time can be, it’s imperative to remember those “road rules” to ensure you arrive at your destination safely!

On that note, how many of you have older children who will be the ones driving (i.e., taking off on their OWN mini-vacays!)? Now, let me rephrase…how many of you parents (of older children) are worried to death about their kids taking the car on a road trip?

I personally like to think that times have changed and that young drivers are better informed and better prepared for the road nowadays. I recently stumbled across THIS website which offers tons of practice tests that prepare young drivers for their Ontario G1 Test-something which didn’t exist when I got my license. I do wish (for my parents sake) that such a portal had been made available to them so that they could have shared their concerns and ask questions. (Well, at least I know it will be available to me in 13 years or so…). Another great aspect of this site is their Sign the Pledge contract.

Now, back to the sweet talk…If you’re anything like me, you are far from tempted by those pre-packaged, over-priced, fattening treats that you usually find at the convenience stores and pit stops on the way to your destination.

My plan of attack? Pack my own sweet, decadent, and healthIER treats for the road!

Chewy Spinach Brownies


Cinnamon Pecan Energy Bars


No-Bake Peanut Butter and Chocolate Oat Balls


Lemon Coconut Energy Bars


Raw Hazelnut Chocolate Goji Berry Cookies


Chocolate Almond Butter Energy Bars


Pumpkin Pie-Spiced Puffed Rice Marshmallow Squares


Pumpkin-Pie Spiced Carob Chip Biscotti


Secret Ingredient Chocolate Cupcakes


Chewy Chocolate Date Brownies


What’s your favourite snack to bring on the road?


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