Toddler Bed Triumph!

Toddler Bed Triumph!

He did it!! Contrary to (my) belief, my son made quite an easy transition to his toddler bed! In fact, it went way better than I had anticipated.  I’ve read and been told that it is important to include the child in the “event” and to get them excited about their new bed.

Well, I tried but someone was busy doing something else…

After half the crib went down, he finally started to take notice!

Not sure if he looks perplexed, worried, sad…all I know is my heart broke (just a bit) after looking at his expression!

The moment he hopped off his bed and ran over to the crib I thought the waterworks were about to start, but luckily, he only wanted to help out!

If you can’t beat em’, join em’!

The most relieving part of the entire transition was when my son started to organize, YES, organize (he’s MY son after all!) all his toys neatly on his “etto!”

He was (physically) in bed, at his regular time, by 8:00 p.m.  I went downstairs and he whined at his door for about 5-7 minutes then was out like a light!

I’ll admit, I didn’t actually have my eyes glued to the the clock, however, I just know it was enough time for me to peel 2 pomegranates for my mid-evening snack.  You might be thinking…”peeling pomegranates IS a time-consuming ordeal”, however, I eat so many of them that I’ve developed a strategy that has them peeled in record time (but that’s another blog post!).

When I went upstairs to check on him this is the way I found him! (And I was worried about finding the perfect size “toddler” pillow for his bed!)  We ended up throwing it on the floor!

Also, I was worried about where to attach the aquarium…well, HE neatly placed it at the foot of his bed and fell asleep (as he always does) staring at it!

He did wake up momentarily at around 3:00 am (which happens every now and again but usually he ends up falling right back asleep).  This time of course, (call it second wind, call it discovering his new-found “freedom”) he was at his door before I could even jump out of bed!  As soon as he saw me though he did climb back into bed, at which point I rubbed his back (in vain) for 20 minutes.  I thought he was fast asleep then suddenly he popped up and jumped out of bed (on his third wind?!) and went right for his books.

After 30 minutes of up and down, him grabbing books off the shelves (and me putting them away) I finally gave up, said “buona notte” and went to my room.  He was NOT happy about being deserted!

As always, the cry-it-out tactic worked because he cried for about 5 minutes then went silent!  (Me falling back asleep was another issue…as soon as I laid down the wee one in my tummy decided to start doing gymnastics..for almost an hour!)

I was able to make up for lost (sleep) time because I didn’t hear my son until about 8:00 a.m.  This is how I found him this morning…

Someone looks like they got a good night’s sleep! 

It did look like a tornado had hit his room last night…I wonder, did he actually sleep with all that stuff on his bed?!

I guess it shouldn’t matter because the key word is that he “SLEPT!”

Onto night #2…

5 thoughts on “Toddler Bed Triumph!”

  • Meredith 10 years ago

    Congrats on the transition! I was so nervous for when we switched my son too, but it really ended up being not that big of a deal! Hope it’s continuing to go well for you guys and he looks like such a cutie in these pics 🙂

    • Thanks Meredith! It’s actually going quite well! Let’s hope he copes just as well when his baby sister arrives!! 😉

  • Rose Corda 10 years ago

    I knew he could do it…………

  • Muah what a Lil cutie! Good job!

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