Ten Things From Around The Web

Ten Things From Around The Web
Ten Things From Around The Web

Happy Saturday!

It’s especially happy for me since I was able to sleep in this morning. Besides dinner plans tonight and the kid’s swimming lessons Sunday morning, this weekend is shaping up to be a pretty relaxing one, which means hanging out with the kids, lounging around, whipping up a few new recipes, and catching up on ten things from around the web.

These ten fun links from around the web caught my interest this week:

1.  This video which pretty much sums up what EVERY teacher says in a day.

2.  Super Hero Girls?! Finally! Kudos to LEGO.

3.  Just discovered this Canadian website that offers personalized meal plans, and more.

4.  One of my favourite Leonard Cohen songs. R.I.P Mr. Cohen.

5.  Been getting back into reiki and listening to this healing music.

6.  Looking back on this Blog post. I need constant reminders to SLOW DOWN!

7.  This viral video of a botched gender reveal.

8.  I’ve heard this, and unfortunately I’m guilty of saying this to other parents too!

9.  Visiting some of my favourite Blogs, like this one.

10.  This past week’s most searched recipe on the Blog.

18 thoughts on “Ten Things From Around The Web”

  • Love all these things!

  • I have read some excellent stuff here. Thanks for sharing the links. More power to you!

  • Nice read! Thanks for the information.More power to your blogging career

  • Sounds like you had a great weekend, Lisa. I was so sad to hear about Leonard Cohen! He was very talented. And I thought that gender reveal video was quite funny, but I did feel really bad for the mom. She looked so upset.

  • I love when I am able to sleep in! Relaxing weekends are my favorites!

  • Relaxing weekends are the best! It has been quite some time since we’ve had one, and boy and I wishing for one! I am also excited about the Super Hero girls! So fun!

  • Superhero Girls by LEGO is by far my favorite hands down. I am super stores will sell out this year once they hit the shelves.

  • What a lovely weekend, Lisa! I truly enjoy those days where we can laze around the house and just enjoy spending time together as a family. It seems like the older my kiddos get, the more busy we get…and those quiet and relaxing days at home become fewer and further between. I am so excited about super hero girl Legos! I have an 8 year old daughter who will be thrilled with the news!

    -From Gina and the team at ishouldbemoppingthefloor.com

  • Sounds like you had a great weekend. I love sleeping in, I wish the kids would too! ha!! We too have sunday swimming lessons for our kids. They love it. Also we are so saddened about Cohen, simply amazing artist.

  • So true RIP Mr. Cohen you were and always will be a legend. It is about time we have some super heroes that are girls too. My girl thinks she’s a super hero and she should see someone like her saving others and the world!

    • I agree! I mean, why has it taken so long? There is a lot more room too for other GIRL superheroes!

  • I know! I feel bad laughing at their expense 😉

  • Liz Graham 6 years ago

    OMG, point #7, the video, hilarious!

  • Cheers to sleeping in! And I love those super hero girls!

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