Ten Things From Around The Web

Ten Things From Around The Web
Ten Things From Around The Web

Happy Saturday!

It’s especially happy for me since I was able to sleep in this morning. Besides dinner plans tonight and the kid’s swimming lessons Sunday morning, this weekend is shaping up to be a pretty relaxing one, which means hanging out with the kids, lounging around, whipping up a few new recipes, and catching up on ten things from around the web.

These ten fun links from around the web caught my interest this week:

1.  This video which pretty much sums up what EVERY teacher says in a day.

2.  Super Hero Girls?! Finally! Kudos to LEGO.

3.  Just discovered this Canadian website that offers personalized meal plans, and more.

4.  One of my favourite Leonard Cohen songs. R.I.P Mr. Cohen.

5.  Been getting back into reiki and listening to this healing music.

6.  Looking back on this Blog post. I need constant reminders to SLOW DOWN!

7.  This viral video of a botched gender reveal.

8.  I’ve heard this, and unfortunately I’m guilty of saying this to other parents too!

9.  Visiting some of my favourite Blogs, like this one.

10.  This past week’s most searched recipe on the Blog.

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