It’s Good To Be Back!

It’s Good To Be Back!
It’s Good To Be Back!

Well, we are back in the homeland after four long summer months at our home away from home! It’s good to be back but we are also overwhelmed with nostalgia thinking about the food, the gelato, my daughter’s baptism, the list goes on!

Our itinerary for the return flight was (unfortunately) the exact same as on the way there. Let me refresh your memory: FOUR connecting flights, FOUR security checkpoints to go through (with a double stroller, computer bag, purse, diaper bag, kid’s backpack, a small suitcase as ‘carry-on’ luggage!) and TWO children under the age of 3!

I do have to say (without being biased whatsoever!) that my kids were SUPERSTARS!!! The total duration of the trip was about 18 hours and in TOTAL my daughter slept for about 1 hour and my son for about 2 hours. Despite this, they were in good spirits (Hmm, I wonder if telling my son that the hostess was going to put him in the ‘punishment room’ at the back of the plane if she caught him being bad might have done the trick?!).

Here’s our return flight in pictures (and SOME words…if you read THIS post you’ll get the joke!):

The last “colazione” (breakfast) at Milano airport:
Cappuccino (aka. frothed milk) dusted with cocoa powder with a warm crunchy brioche.


Stealing mom’s seat for a few minutes because…


THIS was not cutting it! (Although this option was much better than the bassinet she was crammed into on the way there!)


Too much TV time…who cares!


That goes for his little sister as well 😉


Entertainment during connecting flight transfers..


Someone was excited about seeing airplanes, buses, “trains”, and cars all in the same place!


Fast forward to today…5 days after our arrival and the FIRST morning that I’ve woken up without feeling like a zombie! The reason for this? My son has had a REALLY hard time adjusting to the time difference and for 4 NIGHTS woke up (screaming bloody murder) just about every 30min to every hour on the hour! (Newborn sleepless nights flashback!)

Despite the fact that I was exhausted this week I couldn’t help but get into the kitchen, MY kitchen and start cooking…just like the good old times (pre-vacation!).

Here’s what I made:

Moroccan Chickpea Kale and Sweet Potato Stew


Pumpkin Pie Breakfast Polenta (This one’s going in my upcoming cookbook!)


Salmon Wrap with Lemon Dill Mayo


Dill Pickle Kale Chips


And on today’s menu…Scrambled Eggs Onions and Peppers for lunch, Pumpkin Pie-Spiced Carob Chip Biscotti (for tomorrow’s breakfast), and a vegan pumpkin mousse!

It’s good to be back! 😉


4 thoughts on “It’s Good To Be Back!”

  • Nicole 9 years ago

    So good to have you back! Canada missed you!!!!

  • Lisa @bitesforbabies 9 years ago

    We had no choice Monica!! By the way, I’m working on getting the cookbook finished by the end of the month…keeping my fingers crossed 😉

  • monica 9 years ago

    Your kids are rockstars (and so are their parents)! Also – I can’t wait to purchase your cook book! xx

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