Tips For Being a Supermom (Guest Post by Kayla Vashti)

Tips For Being a Supermom (Guest Post by Kayla Vashti)
Tips For Being a Supermom (Guest Post by Kayla Vashti)

It’s not every day in the Blogging world that you meet like-minded individuals who share many of the same passions as you. I’m lucky to have stumbled upon this particular blogging mom, who not only shares my love for my children and blogging, but also my passion for healthy and delicious food and living a healthy lifestyle! Without further adieu, I’d like to present to you my friend, Kayla Vashti from the Blog Variety by Vashti.


I am honored to be guest posting for Lisa! We have been chatting so much about baby food, motherhood and other random funny things. I just adore her and her precious little family; they are too sweet! Don’t you agree?

A little bit about me: I have an 8 month old daughter and love my Law Enforcement Officer. I used to be an Intervention Specialist for kiddos with special needs, but left my big girl job to be a stay-at-home mommy. Since I can’t sit still, I decided to work from home; diaper changing, feeding a baby, fitness coaching, blogging, crafting and chugging coffee is now my full time job!

It’s not easy to get it all in! You might even be thinking, “When does this chick have time to shower?” Don’t worry, I wash daily.

I think it’s safe to say we have this image in our head of what SUPERMOM is: a sexy woman who serves a three course meal to her husband and well-mannered children in their flawlessly clean home plucked straight out of a magazine.

But seriously. Being a mom is a FULL TIME JOB whether you stay home or head out to work.

It’s hard.

It’s stressful.

It’s tiring.

It’s not always appreciated.

In fact, some days this pretty much sums it up.


It’s all so rewarding so we keep chuggin’ on! I’m nowhere near perfect, but I have made it my mission to do these two things daily:

  • Spend quality time with my family
  • Take care of myself (eat healthy and workout)

So I am going to give you 6 tips to being a super mom!tips for being a supermom

1) Toss the detailed cleaning list. You heard me right. Scribble on it, crumple it up, and throw it away. Your house is not going to be spotless for a long time. If you get the bottles and clothes washed that you need for the next day, you’re going to survive. Dusting can be done as needed, but making the beds, and cleaning ceiling fans can wait.

2) Spruce up the house in superhero speed. Light a few candles and pick up any odds and ends lying around. It’s okay that you didn’t get the laundry folded, but random toys in your bathroom? Quickly scoop them up and any other clutter. If you take just 5 minutes to do this, you will feel so much better!

3) Write down a schedule. There are never enough hours in a day, but if you focus on just a few top priority tasks, you will be much less stressed. Here is how I plan my day and week so I can work smarter, not harder.

4) While you are scheduling, write down a workout. If you don’t set aside time to do it. Let’s face it; there are always dishes to be done and toys to pick up. You will find other things to do instead. But your health comes first. If you don’t take care of yourself, you will feel crappy and look crappy which makes you feel crappier. Sorry, but I have to be honest! Need a quick workout idea for you and baby?

5) Plan a menu and write down a grocery list. Flying by the seat of your pants just adds stress and wastes time during the week. I just scroll through my Pins and pick things that go in the crock pot or I something with leftovers I can freeze.

6) Prep some food. One evening, after the kids are in bed, have a glass of wine while you listen to some jams and prep. Wash and cut up veggies, make sandwiches and small salads, baggie up snacks. All of this will save you HOURS of time through the week. You can either just dump things into recipes, or grab food and go.

I hope you give yourself a pat on the back for being so amazing! Don’t be so hard on yourself and remember to enjoy the moments that are happening around you. Thank you for allowing me to be a guest today!

Love, Kayla


Thanks so much Kayla for sharing your thoughts about motherhood and for such a wonderful post. If you want to read more about what Kayla is up to be sure to check out her fabulous Blog!

9 thoughts on “Tips For Being a Supermom (Guest Post by Kayla Vashti)”

  • Mary Apolloni 10 years ago

    Thanks for sharing these great tips!!! Definitely a good read now that I am back at work. Now if only my boys would sleep so I could chop up those veggies 🙂

    • Lisa @bitesforbabies 10 years ago

      When did you go back? How was the transition? I can’t imagine NOT getting sleep AND being back at work!!! Hang in there 😉

  • Great tips! I’m totally down with number 6! I try to prep food on Sunday evenings, otherwise I know I’ll never get to eat-especially breakfast! Thanks for introducing us to other like-minded bloggers!

    • Lisa @bitesforbabies 10 years ago

      I agree…although I need to put that more into practice!! There must something wrong with me that makes me choose to prepare meals EVERY night of the week!! lol

  • monica 10 years ago

    Great tips! I really just need to be more organized in general. I do think that cleaning at superhero speed would help!

    • Lisa @bitesforbabies 10 years ago

      Sometimes I think I’m TOO much over the spectrum..I’m TOO organized! It’s a good thing but at the same time as soon as something doesn’t go according to “plan” it really throws me off!!

  • Cassandra Fowler 10 years ago

    I was unaware Kayla was doing a guest blog! Awesome! You are so right about finding other things to do, and the need to be happy and healthy so as to give our little ones the best, 100% mommy we can be.

    • Lisa @bitesforbabies 10 years ago

      I myself, completely agree! I feel like I HAVE to take care of ME first so that I can be a better mom!

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