Chocolate Coconut Overnight Oats

Chocolate Coconut Overnight Oats

Overnight oats are the answer to a busy mom’s no-fuss breakfast dream come true. They can be prepped in the evening and served in the morning-no fuss, no mess, no baking required.

These decadent chocolate coconut overnight oats are a sweet morning treat that the kids that you can feel good about feeding them since they’re made with all-natural, wholesome ingredients.

Chocolate Coconut Overnight Oats

These chocolate coconut overnight oats are by far one of the easiest breakfasts to prepare and one of the most decadent and delicious. The kids devour these, hot or cold, and I love that although these oats are super rich and decadent, they are also made with wholesome ingredients!

Chocolate Coconut Overnight Oats

I always stock my fridge or freezer with a variety of breakfast food options for the family. These ready-made meals ensure an effortless breakfast during the crazy morning rush.

Simply heat the oats in the microwave for a minute or so or enjoy them chilled, right from the fridge. There you have it; a quick, stress-free breakfast that’s delicious and nutritious for the family. No more resorting to that box of sugary cereal or other prepackaged food for a quick a breakfast option.

Chocolate Coconut Overnight Oats

I managed to keep these overnight oats light and healthy by using gluten-free oats, dark cocoa powder, omega 3-rich chia seeds, dairy-free milk, pure maple syrup and unsweetened coconut flakes.

Essentially, the only decadent element in these oats are the chocolate chips-and they are completely avoidable if you simply omit them (but why would you do that?!).

Chocolate Coconut Overnight Oats

If you try this recipe (and love it!) be sure to snap a pic and tag me on Instagram with #bitesforfoodies so I can see your creation!

Chocolate Coconut Overnight Oats

: About 3 cups
: 2 min

Overnight oats are the answer to a busy mom’s no-fuss breakfast dream come true. They can be prepped in the evening and served in the morning-no fuss, no mess, no baking required. These decadent chocolate coconut overnight oats are a sweet morning treat that the kids that you can feel good about feeding them since they’re made […]


Chocolate Coconut Overnight Oats
    1 cup rolled oats
  • 1/2 cup unsweetened coconut flakes
  • 2 tbs. chia seeds
  • 2 tbs. dark cocoa powder
  • 2 tbs. pure maple syrup
  • 2 1/2 cups unsweetened coconut milk
  • 1/3 cup carob chips (optional)
  • 1/4 tsp. cinnamon (optional)
  • 1/8 tsp. sea salt (optional)

Combine all of the ingredients in a large bowl or container. Cover with a lid or plastic wrap and let sit in the fridge overnight or for at least 4-6 hours. Serve in the morning, warmed or cold. Consume within two days of preparation.

Chocolate Coconut Overnight Oats

48 thoughts on “Chocolate Coconut Overnight Oats”

  • Julie 3 years ago

    This was our 2nd time trying an overnight oats recipe (first one was with peaches & yogurt – mmm!!!). This recipe has great flavor, but I’m wondering if 2 things I did different are what caused it to be quite runny yet come morning. (Altho it seems there should be more oats in it for the amount of liquid, as usually you want it 1:2 (oats:liquid).)
    Anyway, I used regular milk instead of coconut milk (would that make it runnier?) and no chia seeds (I can imagine chia seeds thickening it up a little, but would 2 T be that much of a diff?).

    • The consistency differs depending on the types of oats your use. Also, the chia seeds serve as a thickening agent and absorb liquid so maybe that’s the reason why it was runnier than expected! 😉

  • Rachel Akers 8 years ago

    This looks really good. I like that you can start it the night before so it is ready when you get up. That is a huge plus for busy mornings.

  • Taty Pradilla 8 years ago

    this really is an awesome way to set me in the path of over night oats. It looks amazing and so good for us

  • Rebecca Swenor 8 years ago

    These chocolate coconut overnight oats are indeed an easy stress free breakfast idea. They would be perfect for my son who always runs late for school in the mornings and they are a great healthy breakfast.

  • Becca Wilson 8 years ago

    That looks really good! My kids and I will have to give this a try in the mornings!

  • i fell in love with overnight oats not too long ago so i’m definitely trying these!

  • michele d 8 years ago

    I’ve been waiting to find a recipe like this. Can’t wait to try this. Looks so yummy!

  • Thanks for sharing the recipe. This sounds and looks delicious.

  • Well this sounds absolutely delicious. I’d love to make some overnight oats for everyone to have before work.

  • I love making overnight oats. This recipe sounds delicious! I love the flavor combination of chocolate and coconut!!

  • Travel Blogger 8 years ago

    This would be so wonderful for our busy mornings! I am going to try this out tonight!

  • These look really good. I hope I can remember to prepare this tonight so its ready for my girls in the morning. Definitely better than cereal.

  • This is good for on the go breakfast. I hate breakfast in the morning because of the time consumption but this would make things easier!

  • Stephanie Pass 8 years ago

    This would be so perfect for my husband for work mornings. He loves overnight oatmeal.

  • I have all of the ingredients except the optional 1/3 cup carob chips, so I will have to try this tonight and see if the kiddos will try it.

  • Nicole 8 years ago

    This looks delicious! It looks more like a dessert than a breakfast! I have yet to try overnight oats, I thought they were much more involved for some reason.

  • I love oat meal and experimenting what different flavor combinations work best. Must try this!

  • These looks really tasty and also healthy because of the coconuts and the oats. This would make a really good meal.

  • It’s funny because I really dislike both coconuts and oatmeal but this chocolate coconut overnight oats recipe is something I really want to try! Thanks for sharing <3

  • WendyK 8 years ago

    Oatmeal is one of my favorite foods. So is coconut so you have me with this recipe. Like that it’s an easy one too!

  • Ave T 8 years ago

    I know that overnight oats are really popular, but I haven’t had a chance to try them yet! Looks like that they make a really great alternative to all kinds of cereals.

  • This sounds delicious. I love the tastes of chocolate and coconut together so this is perfect for me!

  • I make overnight oats every other night and I love them, this is a new twist for me thanks for sharing.

  • This sounds delicious! I’ve never made overnight oats, but I’ve always wanted to. I’m gluten free, and could totally sub some gluten free oats in this recipe. Thanks for sharing!

  • I have never tried anything like this before! I will have to make some overnight oats this weekend and try them.

  • Alli Smith 8 years ago

    I’ve been wanting to do the overnight oats for so long and I’m glad I waited for your chocolate coconut version. And the fact that you can eat them hot or cold seals the deal. I’m making these ASAP.

  • Jaime Nicole 8 years ago

    I really like that these are make ahead so that you can get the prep done the night before a busy morning. It is such a great thing that you can enjoy a delicious breakfast on a busy morning without having to find time to make it during the morning rush.

  • Megan Elford 8 years ago

    I love that you can eat these oats hot or cold. That way I don’t have to worry about my youngest trying to heat them up for breakfast when she gets up before me!

    • Exactly! I get up an hour before my daughter and just set these out on the counter so they are slightly at room temperature. No heating required.

  • Robin Rue 8 years ago

    Those sound super tasty. My husband would absolutely love them. I need to make these for him 🙂

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