3-Ingredient Strawberry Sorbet

3-Ingredient Strawberry Sorbet

It is strawberry season! What better way to enjoy it than with a healthy and refreshing 3-ingredient strawberry sorbet. This easy-to-make sorbet is the perfect end to any summer meal. It’s made with wholesome ingredients and is 100% vegan.

3-Ingredient Strawberry Sorbet

The beauty of this sorbet lies in its simplicity; fresh, local produce is best to obtain optimal flavour. This refreshing palate-cleansing dessert is light and refreshing, and with only three ingredients, it couldn’t be any simpler to prepare. All you need are ripe strawberries, an avocado and sweetener of choice.

3-Ingredient Strawberry Sorbet

Don’t be fooled by how simple this sorbet is to make and the few ingredients the recipe requires. You won’t believe how simply combining sweet, frozen strawberries with creamy avocado can result in a rich, ‘you won’t believe it’s not vegan’ sorbet!

Strawberry sorbet is an excellent way to use overripe berries. Simply remove the stems, cut the strawberries into quarters and store in the freezer in a zip-lock bag until you have enough to make a batch of this healthy treat. (Alternatively, you can use previously frozen strawberries.)

3-Ingredient Strawberry Sorbet

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3-Ingredient Strawberry Sorbet

: 2 cups
: 5 min

It is strawberry season! What better way to enjoy it than with a healthy and refreshing 3-ingredient strawberry sorbet. This easy-to-make sorbet is the perfect end to any summer meal. It’s made with wholesome ingredients and is 100% vegan. The beauty of this sorbet lies in its simplicity; fresh, local produce is best to obtain optimal flavour. This […]


3-Ingredient Strawberry Sorbet
    2 cups frozen organic strawberries (halved)
  • 1/2 ripe Hass avocado
  • 1-2 tbs. raw honey or liquid sweetener of choice

Prepare the strawberries by removing the stem, halving, then placing in a plastic zip-lock bag. Place in the freezer overnight or for at least 4-5 hours until completely frozen.

Before preparing the sorbet remove the strawberries from the freezer and allow to sit at room temperature for 5-7 minutes until slightly thawed.

3-Ingredient Strawberry Sorbet

Add all the ingredients to a blender and puree until smooth and creamy. Served immediately, this sorbet has a creamier texture however, once stored in the freezer it will take on a more sorbet-like consistency. Store any leftovers in the freezer.

3-Ingredient Strawberry Sorbet

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  • Dina Parelli 8 years ago

    Just made this fun sorbet again – pretty good but YES – YOU CAN TASTE the AVOCADO – especially if you’re attuned to the flavor – which I love, but husband doesn’t. And why are all these reviews for this and most recipes on this website by people who think “This is a great idea! Looks yummy…I’ll give it a try!” but no one’s actually made it? So keep that in mind. The texture is great, but the recipe needs much more sweetener if you would like to cover up the taste of avocado. I’ve made this with very fresh, overripe and underripe avocado. Use just ripe ones for the least avocado flavor.

    • Thanks for the feedback Dina! I guess I attuned to the flavour of avocado so I don’t taste it as much! And yes, ripe ones are definitely best to use. I don’t like the flavour of underripe avocados AT ALL! The beauty of recipes is that you can adjust the ingredients to suit your own preferences. As for the comments, I know I’ve made many a comment about a delicious recipe..but never got around to making it, lol! Happens all the time!

  • Gabriel Bregg 9 years ago

    We’ve been doing more sorbet as a replacement for ice cream, never though of using avocado, but we’ve been using it as a replacement for everything else, so why not this.

  • Ashley 9 years ago

    Do you think you can taste the avocado?

  • Ohh these look so refreshing and yummy. Thanks for sharing the recipe!

  • ooo so yum ♥ I love that it has avocado in this. Definitely trying this dish for 4th of july 🙂

  • This sounds like such a tasty treat for summer time! I love the presentation you did! These would be great to serve to guests!

  • Lisa Rios 9 years ago

    This looks very delicious and yummy. Strawberries are my kids favorite one. It sounds so good with avocado and honey. It seems to be so easy to make and healthy as well. Will definitely try this recipe for sure. Thanks for the delicious idea.

  • Camesha 9 years ago

    This looks amazing! I wouldn’t have thought avocado was one of the ingredients! Must try!

  • I can’t believe you snuck an avocado in this sorbet. This looks really refreshing and perfect for summer.

  • Lisa Bristol 9 years ago

    This looks so delicious and easy to make. I will have to try the recipe on the weekend.

  • I love avocados. I’m all for finding new ways to use them.

  • Chrystal M. 9 years ago

    Yummy! I am a big fan of using avocado as a base. Bananas are usually are go to for ice cream treats.

    • I often use bananas too. I don’t know what possessed me to use avocados but I’m glad I did! They add a creaminess that you just don’t get from bananas!

  • Monica 9 years ago

    Brilliant. I love how you add avocado into so many unexpected places. Your recipes are fantastic Lisa. This site is such a resource as a mom who needs help in the kitchen!

  • CourtneyLynne Storms 9 years ago

    Ok this sounds absolutely delicious!!! I’m an ice cream hater and sorbet is as close as it gets for me! Going to have to give this a pin!

  • Jeanine 9 years ago

    Wow that looks amazing! This is something I could most definitely make for all my kiddos and they’d love it! I will be making this one!

  • This look both really yummy and healthy!! I need to try this ASAP!!

  • Pauline C. 9 years ago

    Strawberries overripe easily and now finally I can still
    enjoy them with your great recipe. Thank you for sharing them.

    • I agree! I find that rinsing them just before eating helps! I’ve heard as well that rinsing them with water and then storing them in the fridge allows for mold to grow more quickly!

  • mail4rosey 9 years ago

    That is a great sounding sorbet. I love that you put avocado in it.

  • Mistee Dawn 9 years ago

    Yum! This looks so delicious. I love strawberries! I will be making some of this over the weekend!

  • WEMAKE7 9 years ago

    Yum, I love Strawberries and so don’t my kiddos. I bet they would love this great treat.

  • Rebecca Swenor 9 years ago

    I totally love sorbet and strawberries. This is something I have never made before and I am so making this for the kids. Thanks for sharing.

    • I think this is pretty close in comparison to traditional sorbets, except for the fact that it’s vegan! It definitely satisfies my craving for a frozen sweet treat 😉

  • This looks like such a great and healthy snack for my boys this summer. I love sneaking in some avocado, too!


  • This looks so good. I am going to have to try this recipe. I can’t believe that you can make this either 3 ingredients.

  • TheNewClassy 9 years ago

    Wow! That looks so good! And it’s easy to make too! It would be a nice, cool snack on these hot days.

  • Wendy Knowlton 9 years ago

    This looks amazing! I love strawberries. I might try this with raspberries too. Easy to make what could be better.

  • This sounds so good and it’s so pretty. I’d love to start making these as special treats!

  • This looks amazing and so simple! Definitely going to try to make this for our boys, and me!

  • onceuponamaritime 9 years ago

    I really love how it is presented, not only a yummy looking dish but visually pleasing as well! I would love to give this a try.

  • Yum! I love strawberries. I definitely want to try this when I go on vacation. I have so many of your recipes saved to try when school closes. 🙂 #3moreweeks

  • Nicci 9 years ago

    Mmmmm. My baby girl would love this! And what a great way to add healthy avocado to a treat!

  • Melissa Pezza 9 years ago

    That looks so good, and I love how healthy it is! No processed anything is always a plus in my book!

  • Stacie @ Divine Lifestyle 9 years ago

    That looks so good. I love how simple it is to make, and berries are always a healthy option.

  • Iamcupid Williams 9 years ago

    This seems tasty and its healthy. I love that its not a complicated recipe. For a girl on the go, I need something simple and easy.

  • Jacqui Odell 9 years ago

    This sounds amazing! I love how simple and easy it would be to make! It’s so hard to believe that it’s only 3 ingredients!

  • Melissa 9 years ago

    How easy it that to make and completely fresh and completely Vegan! We ♥ strawberries~ so this will definitely be happening this week. We always use avocado to make things creamy 🙂

  • I am definitely going to make this! I never would have thought of putting it together with avocado and I LOVE that my kids won’t have any idea they’re eating that despised food inside their frozen treat!

  • Esther Wilson 9 years ago

    This looks delicious! I love avocados and strawberries. I am not sure about combining the two but the photo makes me want to try it.

  • Heather 9 years ago

    I wanna try this. I really love strawberries and this one would be perfect! I’m gonna try this one at home thanks.

  • Jennifer Juro 9 years ago

    My daughters are strawberry fanatics and would love this! This would be perfect for the summer time when its hot here.

  • Susie Qpons 9 years ago

    I never would have thought to put avocado in it, that sounds so interesting! I love avocados so I’m not afraid to try it. Thank you for sharing this great recipe with us! 🙂

  • two of my favorite things, strawberries and sorbet. This looks amazing.

  • PamIW 9 years ago

    That sounds and looks fantastic and healthy! Strawberries are a favorite in our family. I love how simple this is.

  • Ourfamilyworld 9 years ago

    Oh wow, that looks so gooood! It’s so simple even a kid could do this. I will definitely do this!

  • Ogiro1 9 years ago

    Only three ingredients? This is amazing! Your photography is awesome you really captured the beauty of the Sorbet!

  • This Strawberry Sorbet looks and sounds absolutely delicious! I have to try it this summer!

  • Lynda Self 9 years ago

    Yum! I love eating strawberries and that sorbet looks like a delicious and healthy way to enjoy them. I bet it is really creamy, too, with the avocado.

  • I love the simplicity of your 3 ingredients sorbet! Strawberries are my favorite and I have lots of fun, childhood memories about strawberry desserts! Yours looks very yummy!

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    That looks so good! I might try to make that this week for the kiddos, thanks for sharing.

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    There are not many desserts that I can eat, but I know this is one of them. Thank you for such a great idea.

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    Oh how yummy that looks. I love things like this in the summer time. It’s a perfect summer dessert.

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