Terrible Twos Meet New Baby Blues!

Terrible Twos Meet New Baby Blues!

They’re HEEEERE (or at least I think they are)….the “Terribile Twos!” I’m sure every parent can relate to this post (and every non-parent has heard of them!).

It might be hard to believe that THIS little “angel” can in fact, sometimes act like a little devil!

I posted an interesting article on Twitter a few weeks ago about the apparent Terrible Twos versus the Terrible Threes.  In all my new parent naivety, I had only heard of the terrible “TWOS” because no one has ever seemed to speak about the terrible threes, or apparently (as some friends have enlightened me) the terrible FOURS!  As long as we’re talking about being “terrible” at a certain age, could we not assume that all children have the capacity of being “terrible” at ANY age??  Personally, If I think back on my adolescence (say around 16 years old), I DEFINITELY went through a “terrible” phase (but that’s another blog post!).

People have asked me how my son has been adjusting to the new addition to the family.  For the last month, I’ve reiterated the fact that “he has been adjusting quite well.”  He often calls for “baby”, brings me her bottle and bib when it’s time to eat, rocks her in the bassinet (under my supervision of course), gives here kisses, etc.

The reality is that since the initial fog of sleepless nights and physical exhaustion (due to my cesarean) of recovery has lifted, I’ve come to the conclusion that it was all a front (or maybe I was just in denial!).  As much as I hate to admit it…I think my 20 month old son has regressed!  He has become very needy, destructive (that’ll be another blog post!) way too interested in opening doors/drawers/toilet seat/etc and he’s learned what I call the dreaded “arm flail” (you know, when they whine and flap their wings hands like a wounded bird?!).

I understand he doesn’t mean to be “terrible”, he just needs attention.  I make it a point to constantly show him affection and attention (and not just when my daughter is sleeping!).  The problem is that when I do need to ignore him rely on his independence to keep himself busy, nothing seems to entertain him for longer than five minutes (which then means he gets bored and up to no good!).

I’ve heard time and time again from parents, “When my son/daughter was 20 months old he/she LOVED…!”  Well, I’ve bought (and invented) more than enough toys and activities to make one of Santa’s elves proud!

I’ve resigned myself to the fact that my house is now a playground!

My son does have some favourites (which have succeeded in entertaining him for longer stretches of time, although rare!) such as;

This Melissa and Doug puzzle (I’m not sure if it’s the puzzle that he loves or the fact that he is obsessed with sea creatures right now!)


This Chad Valley play kitchen (which has been the best $40 investment yet!) 

He LOVES his kitchen! He literally “cooks” the food, adds salt and pepper, then brings it over to the couch to “eat” or offers some to mom and dad!

We might have the next world class chef (Anthony Bourdain, maybe?!) on our hands!

As any parent will tell you, this phase will too pass.  For now, I need to surrender myself to the fact that I cannot possibly know WHEN, but that it WILL, that is, until the next “terrible” phase rears its ugly head!

From your experience, which “terrible” phase is the most challenging? 

8 thoughts on “Terrible Twos Meet New Baby Blues!”

  • Momnica 10 years ago

    Can I just start by telling you that I am so so impressed with all of your “food” posts, while taking care of a 6 week old and a toddler!! My kiddos have a similar age gap. You are doing an amazing job and a sibling is a huge change for a two year old. Sending you all the best.

    PS- How is she 6 weeks already?!!

    • Thanks but I’m not that productive all of the time! I have quite a few “draft” posts which I’ve only had to tweak or add pics!! I am not supermom!! Thanks for the positive vibes 😉

  • Meredith 10 years ago

    Lisa, my oldest is only 3, so I don’t have great perspective yet about what ages are more challenging than others–feel like I’m still trying to figure this all out as I go along. It does seem like every age and change (especially new babies!), brings it’s own set of behaviors! Hang in there, Mama! We are all in your boat…and your son is ADORABLE. And, go you for staying up with the blog with a newborn on board–you’re amazing!

    • Well, you can give me your perspective from ages 1-3! By the way, I know better than to assume that every phase (good or bad) will last!

  • Aimee 10 years ago

    Well said Lisa! You are right you are not alone. You write so honestly and I love reading your posts. My son loves his kitchen too. He is only 17 months now. Since I’m living with my parents and eir basement was storing all my stuff I didn’t get rid of, I re-organized before Christmas so that I could turn the room into his play room. He love it when we go “downstairs”. Don’t get me wrong, he still has toys in the living room upstairs and in his room. He needs these spots to play because mommy cont be downstairs all the time. Any chance I get I allow him to play independently

    • Thanks Aimee..its great to hear positive feedback! Our den (which I worked so hard on decorating!) has become my son”s playroom! He just chose to go their on his own…I actually don’t mind it because most of his toys are out of the way! 😉

  • Oh Lisa…where do I even begin…………..!

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