Pizza Party!

Pizza Party!
Pizza Party!

For Mother’s Day this year we decided to nix the traditional brunch and opted for pizza instead! What could be better than enjoying a delicious thin crust pizza with great company?!

Have you ever tried pizza “in bianco” (aka without sauce)?! Delicious!!

The best part of our “pizza party” was that it was a milestone moment for my son…his first (of MANY more to come!) thin-crust pizza.

Someone couldn’t wait to dig in…;-)

So as I shoveled nibbled away on my pizza I couldn’t help but reminisce about all the delicious pizza I’ve eaten in Italy…and not to mention (I’ll toot my own horn here!), the delicious homemade pizza that I’VE made!

(Positano, Amalfi Coast)

A heart-shaped pizza…the sincerest form of flattery? (Note: I wasn’t smiling because I was so flattered, I was smiling because it looked delicious!!)

You’d think the pizzaiolo (aka pizza-maker) would have tried to be more discreet seeing as I was having dinner with my husband!! Go figure!

Back in the day, when I had time to make pizza (and hadn’t yet been aware of the fact that I had a slight gluten and dairy intolerance!) I often went on pizza-kicks trying new flavour combinations (and using my family as guinea pigs!)

My all-time favourite: pizza in bianco with smoked salmon!!

Prosciutto, cherry tomatoes and arugula…

Lately, I don’t eat much pizza (sad but true!) now that I’m aware of my intolerances (thank goodness they’re mild and I can actually still eat pizza-I just suffer the consequences the next day!) When I get the craving for pizza I opt for polenta pizza which is just as delicious!

Pizza margherita…”polenta” style!

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