5 Easy Tips for Meal Planning (Hello Fresh Review)

5 Easy Tips for Meal Planning (Hello Fresh Review)
5 Easy Tips for Meal Planning (Hello Fresh Review)

All opinions expressed in this post are my own. Hello Fresh provided me with samples of their products in order to facilitate this review.

The actual concept of eating healthy food is easy however, it’s cooking healthy meals that can often be challenging, especially since most of us lead very busy lives. You start the week off with every intention to eat prepare healthy homemade meals, then real life kicks in and you find yourself pressed for time and lacking energy and motivation. The ultimate goal in meal planning is to help simplify what should be an enjoyable part of the day—sharing a meal together. Some simple meal planning strategies can help you get (and stay) organized for the week and make grocery shopping and meal prep a breeze. Here are 5 easy tips for meal planning to get you started.

1. Assess your weekly routine
To avoid setting meal planning up for failure, be sure to sit down with your calendar and analyze your week or month ahead. For example, pick one day a week to go grocery shopping, assess which evenings call for a fast and easy dinner, and which nights you’re free to prepare a more adventurous meal. The important thing is to figure out what works best for your family’s schedule, so that you can make an effective plan that you’ll actually stick to.

2. Choose one day a week to write a grocery list
Schedule one day a week to do meal planning and make your grocery list, which should be based on your favourite meals as well as essential pantry items. Keep your list on the fridge so that you can add easily add last-minute ingredients. Having your fridge and pantry stocked with healthy foods is key to successful meal planning.

3. Create a recipe list
Having a list of go-to meals is one of the easiest ways to have success with meal planning process. Having said that, getting stuck in a recipe rut is inevitable from time to time and many of us resort to those same standby meals in our weekly rotation. Liven up your recipe repertoire by trying new and interesting recipes. Make note of which meals your family loves and add them to your recipe rotation.

4. Plan for leftovers
Meal planning can get overwhelming however, as a general rule of thumb you should try not to plan too many meals at once, and this will depend on your personal schedule. Try starting with 4-5 meals a week, and be sure to double or triple batches for leftovers, giving yourself a few stress-free nights a week. Plan a specific leftover night toward the end of the week, set out all the leftovers and let everyone choose their meal for the night.

5. Invest in a meal kit service
A reliable back-up plan, such as a meal kit service can help ease the stress on extra busy weeknights or impromptu dinnertime sabotagers. Today, I’ve teamed up with Hello Fresh, a reliable meal kit delivery service that delivers healthy, wholesome meals to your doorstep.

5 Easy Tips for Meal Planning (Hello Fresh Review)

What is Hello Fresh?
Hello Fresh is an international meal kit service that allows you to prepare delicious recipes at home, without the stress of meal planning and preparation. They only use farm-fresh, top-quality products for their chef-inspired recipes, and all of the ingredients are pre-measured and ready to use. Their subscription boxes boast a variety of international-inspired recipes, all of which you can choose from their weekly menu of nutritious vegetarian and non-vegetarian recipes.

What’s in a recipe box?
All of their subscription boxes are layered with an isolating wool and ice packs to keep ingredients fresh and cool. Each meal comes with all the necessary ingredients (minus salt, pepper, and cooking oil), as well as a detailed recipe card that includes beautiful colour photos and easy-to-follow step-by-step cooking instructions.

What are my thoughts?
Everything about Hello Fresh surpassed my expectations, from the functional packaging and the prepped ingredients, to the simple recipe instructions and the flavourful meals. I tried three meals from the Family Box:

Coconut Dal

5 Easy Tips for Meal Planning (Hello Fresh Review)

Sweet n’ Sour Meatballs, and Pulled Chicken Sliders (not pictured)

5 Easy Tips for Meal Planning (Hello Fresh Review)

Every meal we tried was really delicious, and more filling than I had expected. The recipes yielded ample portions, and even some leftovers for my family of four. Having said that, my children are young and eat small portions, but these meals would definitely feed a family of four adults, who are mindful of portion control. I was very pleased with the quantity and quality of all three meals, and preparing them all was a breeze. In my opinion, anyone who is adventurous in the kitchen and enjoys cooking, or is even just learning to cook will appreciate the convenience and overall benefits of this service.

My friends at Hello Fresh have been generous enough to offer Bites for Foodies’ readers 50% OFF a meal kit service purchase (new customers only).

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39 thoughts on “5 Easy Tips for Meal Planning (Hello Fresh Review)”

  • christy elswick 4 years ago

    I’m excited to try this

  • I can’t wait to try it!!

  • Vera Bortolotto 7 years ago

    I tried Hello Fresh before. It was amazing. Everything tasted so delicious and fresh! Iwas very impressed with them.

  • I do Chef’s Plate which is similar but I’d love to try Hello Fresh too!

  • Sarah 7 years ago

    I would love to try Hello Fresh!

  • First off, I fully agree with your tip on doubling and tripling recipes…if you are going through the effort of cooking a gourmet meal, you deserve a night off–and some leftovers even get better over time. I also like sustainability focus of Hello Fresh. Is it that you keep the containers and send them back for reuse? I know they do this sort of thing in Portland.

    • Makes sense to double and triple recipes, right? I always do that so I can store leftovers in the freezer for a later date. The ingredients come in a large box, and then each is individually packaged in smaller boxes. There is a layer of ice packs which can be returned for the next order.

  • Tami @ ThisMomsDelight 7 years ago

    I am the worst about not planning meals. We end up eating too late or eating fast food. I am going to try to implement these tips.

    • Fast food is never really an option for me – partly because I choose to eat only healthy foods, and also because I have limited options because of intolerances. Meal planning is a necessity for me!

  • Tara 7 years ago

    Great review! Would love to give it a try!!!

    • Thanks Tara! Have you subscribed to the Blog? You should get your hands on the coupon code so you can get your 50% off on your first purchase 😉

      • Tara 7 years ago

        I am subscribed to the blog but haven’t received the code yet.

        • Hi Tara, can you fill out a contact form and send me your email address again? I received so many subscriptions and I can’t seem to figure out which one is yours. If you prefer, you can respond here with your email address. I will get you the code asap!

  • Sonia 7 years ago

    Can’t wait to try this!! The meals look delicious! I love how you have all that you need in the box!

  • Stacey 7 years ago

    Thanks for the blog post. Very interesting. I do all except Hello fresh.

    • Hi Stacey, you should definitely try this one! Don’t forget to leave your email address so we can send you the coupon code 😉

  • Rosetta Stack 7 years ago

    Would like to give Hello Fresh a try!

  • Leigh Ann 7 years ago

    I’m intrigued! Do they have a lot of vegetarian options?

  • I haven’t tried the hell fresh kits yet. But have heard great things about them. I’ve been wanting to start investing in a delivery service as part of my well me plan. I am always so busy, I try to cut out things I can get help with that doesn’t cost a lot.

  • A meal kit service is something I’ve tried to get my parents to do. Having things all planned out for you is such a help when it comes to dinner time. With my 4 boys, a meal kit isn’t an option as they have a different idea for serving size than I do. But, planning out meals helps me a lot.

  • Kerri 7 years ago

    I’ve been wanting to try this — thank for the review and vote of confidence!

  • Danielle 7 years ago

    Would love to try hello fresh!

    • Hi Danielle! Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter so the coupon code can be sent to your email address!

  • Sounds like a really great service. I am loving these tips, too! I would love to cook every day and night with fresh ingredients. There is nothing better than fresh! Makes everything taste better.

  • This is something I really need to try. I am horrible at meal planning and shopping. I totally over spend, and I don;t always buy the freshest foods.

  • Caroline 7 years ago

    I would like the Hello Fresh coupon code to try please

  • Their food looks really delicious! It looks easy to prepare and healthy!

    • I think you’ll love it Ann Marie…although you might have a hard time following the recipe instructions since you like to improvise like me!

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