Peaches n’ Cream Banana Date Smoothie

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Smoothies are the perfect way to incorporate fruits and veggies into one snack.  Not only are they versatile but they are also a great way to use up ripe (or overripe!) produce.  Add healthy extras such as nuts and seeds or spices for an extra flavour kick. The options are endless!

It isn’t absolutely necessary to pre-plan your ingredients when making a smoothie-simply use whatever you have on hand.  Have fun experimenting with different fruits, veggies and healthy extras and see how many different variations you can come up with.

In this particular recipe, the tart Greek yogurt really balances out the sweetness of the fruit.  Use as much cereal as needed to attain the perfect consistency or add more flax as a thickening agent.  There’s no need to worry about adding extra sweetener with all the sweetness going on in this recipe!

(Makes about 1 cup)
1/2 ripe banana
1/2 ripe peach
4 pitted dates (or dried Mission figs)
1 tsp. ground flax seed (optional)
2 tbsp. plain Greek yogurt
1 tbsp. baby cereal (any kind)
1-2 oz. milk of choice

Chop banana into 3-4 pieces and peel half of the peach and cut off slices.

Using an immersion blender (my favourite kitchen appliance) or a small food processor (my second favourite kitchen appliance!) puree until well combined.

Be sure to check that there are no large pieces of dates that haven’t been pureed.  As for the consistency, it’s all about preference-add more cereal for a thicker smoothie or more formula for a more liquid smoothie.

I used up baby’s leftovers, added almond milk and some ice and whizzed up my own mid-morning snack!!

Health food stores started making pureed fruit drinks based on recipes in Brazil.  In the early 1970s, the co-founder of  Smoothie King, Stephen Kuhnau, began selling blended fruit drinks under the name “smoothie”.