A Foodie’s Guide to New York City

A Foodie’s Guide to New York City

When I think back on my travels during my early 20’s I fondly remember the planes, trains, and automobiles, the random people we met along the way, the grungy hostels (and some nicer hotels) we stayed in, and of course the sights and tourist attractions.

Considering I’ve become such a (self-professed foodie), I find it so odd that the one thing I can’t remember much about is the FOOD-except for the time I had weisswurst in Munich Germany for the first (and last) time! But that’s another story…

My husband and I spent this past Easter weekend in New York, and while I was excited to go back and visit the city, I was even more excited to experience my next foodie adventure (my last one was at the Delicious Food Show in Toronto where I met Chuck Hughes!).

Here are some foodie stops we made during our visit (in no particular order): It all started on 32nd Street at Greeley Square with the Nuchas food truck…Although I didn’t nosh on anything there, it was my first time seeing a “real” food truck so I was a little exited (hence the picture of me…and a truck!).


We perused the aisles of Dean and Deluca…an upscale grocery store lover’s dream!


Note: A grocery store in which you can also spend $20.00 on 8 pieces of gourmet chocolate (but it was soooo worth it!).


We strolled through Central Park before stopping for lunch…


And I couldn’t contain my hunger so I grabbed the only gluten-free treat I could find…honey-coated almonds! (I’m nuts about them-no pun intended, lol!)


Fresh fruit stands in China Town (these were much more appealing to the eye than the cooked chickens hanging from their bottoms at other stands)…


Les Halles restaurant, the home base to the one and only Anthony Bourdain (aka. my all-time favourite chef and TV personality!).


And here are the restaurants (some of which we found on Trip Advisor and others that were recommended by our good friend who lives in New York) at which we devoured as many delicious meals as possible!

The Butcher’s Daughter (Nolita)
A quaint, Provencal decor-inspired vegan restaurant with delectable menu items such as white bean sausage links and “bean” bacon…


You know a vegan restaurant is one of a kind when an anti-vegan (aka. my husband) polishes off his meal and even tries my kale chips!


Parker and Quinn (Midtown West)
Such a simple meal-Atlantic char with roasted potatoes, carrots, and Brussels sprouts- but one of the most delicious pieces of Atlantic char I’ve ever eaten!


Mission Cantina (Lower East Side)
This small, simple, trendy restaurant was very deceiving (and was also the highlight of our trip)! Our friend recommended this place because I was craving authentic Mexican fare.

We started with a “few” appetizers…


Nacho chips with two salsas, fried chicarrones with thinly sliced radishes, queso oaxaca, and spicy hot sauce.


Spicy, crunchy, (humongous) chicken wings, with mole spices, sesame seeds, topped with crema.


Almost every taco on the menu…


And the star of the show…this tostada with octopus, potatoes, and green olives on a bed of creamed masa! I opted for this as my “main” and was absolutely blown away!!


The mayhem that ensued was funny (and embarrassing)…we had all decided (my husband, in-laws, and I) that we weren’t quite full just yet so we ordered a few more tacos…which didn’t hit the spot, so we ended up ordering 3 more of those famous octopus and potato tostadas to share!

Although I was supposed to “share” I dreaded every minute of it! I was hanging onto that plate for dear life! I never thought we could wrack up such a large bill after eating only tacos! 😉


(Blank) Coffee Shop at “Wallplay” (Lower East Side)
Our good friend prepared some espressos (and might I add, the BEST espresso I had in New York) after our lunch at Mission Cantina (I was surprised I still had room for it after all the food we ate!).


Barbes (Murray Hill)
Our “last supper” at this French-Moroccan restaurant was the perfect bon voyage meal. Here I am showing of my kefta meatbealls tagine with a side of couscous.


Penelope (Murray Hill)
And last but not least, a “light” brunch at this tiny, quaint, French-inspired restaurant. We made it just in time to order brunch, however, we should have waited the extra minute and ordered lunch instead…the menu looked amazing!

Unfortunately, we had to cut our lovely brunch short (and eat in record time) because time was ticking and we had to get to the airport!


And there you have it…a foodie’s guide to New York!

Honorable mentions-obviously because they are (unfortunately) not pictured-also go to: The Smith (Midtown East)
Bistro Citron (Upper West Side)
Hachi Restaurant and Lounge (Lower East Side)

Which was your favourite restaurant in New York?

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