4 Secrets To Making the Perfect Guacamole

4 Secrets To Making the Perfect Guacamole
4 Secrets To Making the Perfect Guacamole

Guacamole is a dip made from avocados, originally from Mexico. This simple, creamy dip can be made with only two ingredients, fresh avocados and salt however, the variations to this traditional recipe are endless. Most often fresh lime is added for a splash of acidity to balance out the richness of the avocado. Additional ingredients (such as garlic, onions, jalapenos, tomatoes and cilantro) can be all added depending on your personal preference.

The one constant ingredient in guacamole are ripe avocados, most often Hass variety, since they have a mild, delicate flavour and contain less water than other varieties. Guacamole can be served pureed until smooth and creamy, although in my opinion, the best guacamole always has a little bit of texture to it. The key to any delicious guacamole are of course, fresh ingredients. Although guacamole is easy and quick to prepare, it is also very easy to mess up! Today I’m sharing these 4 secrets to making the perfect guacamole:

1. Use ripe Hass avocados
The foundation of any guacamole is a perfectly ripe avocado. When an avocado is fully ripened the skin turns dark purple or black and gives slightly to gentle pressure with your fingers. Hass avocados are often used and are usually available year-round in most places.

2. Use Fresh Herbs and Limes 
The quality and freshness of the ingredients you use will make or break your guacamole. Choose local, organic tomatoes, onions, and garlic to ensure optimal flavour. Adding fresh herbs, most commonly cilantro, will add a burst of brightness and flavour to your guacamole. Resist the temptation to use artifical lime juice! Fresh lime juice is not only more flavourful, it also slows down the oxidation process, preventing the avocado from turning brown.

3. Prepare the Avocado First 
Pureeing the avocados (if you prefer a smoother, creamier consistency) or mashing with a fork (if you prefer a chunkier consistency) allows for all of the additional ingredients to easily be incorporated throughout the guacamole.

4. Make it Unique
Personalize your guacamole to suit your personal tastes. Some delicious add-ins can include; dried cumin, hot sauce, cayenne, or jalapenos, roasted garlic, cracked black pepper and even fresh salsa.

4 Secrets To Making the Perfect Guacamole

Here’s a simple recipe for the perfect guacamole:

3 ripe Hass avocados
6 cherry tomatoes or 1 small Roma tomato, finely diced
1-2 garlic cloves, finely minced
juice of 1 fresh lime (or more depending on taste)
1 scallion, finely minced (optional)
1/4 tsp. ground cumin (optional)
1 small jalapeno, finely minced and seeds removed (optional)
Sea salt, quantity as desired

Prepare the avocado (learn how to peel and but an avocado HERE) then mash with a fork in a medium bowl until smooth or chunky (depending on personal preference.) Add the remaining ingredients to the bowl and mix with a spoon until combined. Serve with raw veggies or pita chips. Find more serving suggestions HERE.

Some more helpful tips:
1) If preparing ahead of time, place plastic wrap on the surface of the guacamole to prevent oxidation which will turn the guacamole brown. Refrigerate until ready to serve.
2) Tomatoes taste best at room temperature so only add them to the guacamole just before serving.

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