30 Ways to Practice Self-Care

30 Ways to Practice Self-Care
30 Ways to Practice Self-Care

Self-care is a simple concept that has amazing benefits. It helps us feel motivated, happy, productive and fulfilled in our lives. For some, it’s practically unattainable, the sort of thing that comes around once in a blue moon. For others, it’s a top priority. Whether you make time for self-care or not, its value is undeniable. These 30 ways to practice self-care will help you feel more balanced physically, mentally, and spiritually.

We all know that feeling  – you’re overwhelmed at work, you have loads of laundry piling up at home, and your calendar is packed with tasks and events. We assume that we are able to multitask, but on the contrary, we’re over-stressed and we lack the focus and motivation required to accomplish simple daily tasks. Chronic stress is known to have a number of negative impacts on our bodies. When we’re stressed, more often than not, self-care is always the first thing to get pushed onto the back burner, and we end up forfeiting the smallest of luxuries, like a massage, a workout, or even some peaceful time alone – because we feel guilty.

As indulgent and selfish the term ‘self-care’ may sound, it’s essential to our personal well-being. Taking care of yourself is not selfish. On the contrary, it means mindfully setting intentions for yourself — having integrity and being honest with yourself and others about your personal needs. It can have a variety of manifestations, which means it’s relatively easy to adapt according to one’s personal needs. It can be as simple as following a clean diet, good quality sleep on a regular basis, exercising regularly, meditating or doing yoga, or simply setting aside time to relax.

30 Ways to Practice Self-Care

These 30 ways to practice self-care are simple, effective, and most of all, attainable! 

  1. Get up 10 minutes early. Enjoy some time alone before everyone wakes up.
  2. Get regular massages.
  3. Make a date with yourself. Spend time alone doing something that nourishes your soul.
  4. Read a self-help book.
  5. Practise mediation.
  6. Read, write, or say positive affirmations on a daily basis.
  7. Paint or write something that lets out your creative energy.
  8. Disconnect. Go technology-free for an hour, two hours, even an entire day.
  9. Start journaling on a regular basis.
  10. Take a quick 10-20 minute nap to recharge.
  11. Have a long bath or shower.
  12. Declutter. Clean one area of a room or go through your closet and get rid off old items.
  13. Take dance lessons.
  14. Take a brisk walk or run.
  15. Spend time with close friends.
  16. Sit outside and listen to the birds or read a book outside.
  17. Get more sleep. Spray your pillow with lavender essential oil before going to bed. Lay for a few minutes and breathe in the aroma so it relaxes you.
  18. Make exercise a regular part of your routine.
  19.  Listen to music you enjoy.
  20. Try a yoga class.
  21. Buy yourself a small gift—a candle or essential oils to enjoy during your bath.
  22. Attending a class to learn something new (cooking classes, pottery, etc.).
  23. Go on a mini-getaway to a new destination.
  24. Do a Reiki session to balance your chakras and recharge your batteries.
  25. Get outside. Nature has a way with nurturing the soul.
  26. Create a vision board for yourself.
  27. Pay it forward. Do something nice for someone else.
  28. Connect! Call (not text) a close friend or family member.
  29. Try a DIY project.
  30. Learn to say ‘no’. Don’t take on more than you can handle.

Is practicing self-care a top priority for you? What’s your favourite form of self-care?

27 thoughts on “30 Ways to Practice Self-Care”

  • I love your amazing suggestions Lisa! Thanks for being so nice to share!

  • Self care is so important. Especially when you are a mom. I’ve made it a goal this year to practice self care by doing little things every day. One of them is going for little walks with my daughter.

    • I agree that mom’s need to make sure they take care of themselves, more than others. We need that energy to raise our kids!

  • Oooo now these are some awesome suggestions!!! I really do need to work on getting more sleep!

  • Thank you for sharing all of these great ways to practice self care. I really need to start practicing this more in my life.

  • These tips are really going to help me. I didn’t realize how important self care was until a few years ago when I’d had just about all of the stress I could handle. I started meditating and it made a big difference. I’m going to print out your list.

    • Meditation is what works for me…even if it’s just a few minutes before the day starts. Also, when I get frustrated during the day, I sneak away and just breathe for a few minutes!

  • These are indeed awesome ways to practice self-care. Practicing self-care is something I am short on for myself. Thanks for sharing the ways to practice self-care.

  • I love these ideas. When you’re a mom and/or self employed, it’s easy to forget that you matter just as much as everyone else. Thanks!

  • Michele d 7 years ago

    All of these tips are great. I personally enjoy number one. It really does help getting up earlier.

  • Love these ideas. Self care is very important… Thanks for the list

  • Emma Spellman 7 years ago

    These are all awesome tips! I wish I could wake up before my toddlers. It’s like they hear me and wake up no matter how quiet I am! I started to do paint by numbers and it seems to relax me.

  • I love all these ideas. I rarely practice any self care. I can easily do many of these in my daily life.

  • I am due for a massage. They are so necessary and make me feel so much better. Definitely need to unplug fromt he world and just have me time. Such great ideas here.

  • Great tips! As someone who came from a massage environment, I cannot emphasize enough the positive effects of both massage and yoga! They can completely turn a day around!

  • Angela hanson 7 years ago

    Any one of the 30 suggestions will most definitely help. I will give some a try! Thank you

    • Lisa 7 years ago

      Thank you Angela…for stopping by and for your feedback! You of all people are a great example of someone who takes care of herself 😉

  • I love the idea of number 2! I’m always getting a sore back sitting on the computer daily.

  • These are great tips for better self care. I feel like I do okay with that, but I do rarely find time to paint my toe nails or do anything for myself that makes me feel pretty. I’m gonna change that.

  • Liz Graham 7 years ago

    Such a good checklist and great reminders! Thank you!

  • These are so good. I am all about me this year, I have three grown children and have decided, I am going to be about me these are just what I needed thanks for sharing!

  • All your suggestion are great. Getting outside is always the perfect way for myself to unwind. Go for a long walk. If nothing else mug of hot tea or hot chocolate and a good book works pretty well.

  • tammya1999 7 years ago

    I use a lot of these practices in my life. I had to learn the hard way of how my life was becoming and learning to stay calm, take a deep breath and go on was the hardest. Great list.

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